10 artists I totally want to hang (on my wall)

Today I’m here to share with you 10 artists who’s work I like. More than like, I love enough that I either have some of their work in my house or want to have their work in my house. My house unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of wall space for art, so if I’m going to put up some art I for sure want it to speak to me and not be a piece picked up from a chain store. Let me also preface this post by saying that I know close to nothing about art. I can’t speak about the composition, or the brushstrokes, or any of the other things that people educated in art can speak of. I just know that certain pieces, and certain artists- their work just speaks to me and makes me want to hang it in my house. So I won’t give any reasons of why I like these artists, instead I’ll just highlight some of their pieces that I think you need to see. And also I had a client ask about picking some art for her house so I thought a quick list might be helpful for her and perhaps other readers as well.

1. Leigh Viner

Push_Leigh Viner

Ingenue_Leign Viner


2. Kelli Kroneberger

Sunday_Kelli Kroneberger

Beneath The Sea I _Kelli Kroneberger

3. Kai Samuels Davis

The Decision_Kai Samuels Davis New Beginning_ Kai Samuels Davis

4. Teila Duncan

East Chic_ Teila Duncan Bull XVIII_Teila Duncan

5. Britt Bass Turner

Pink Polka Dots_Britt Bass Turner Navy Geo Print_Britt Bass Turner6. Sarah Neubert

Sarah Neubert Hanging_1 Sarah Neubert Hanging_2

7. Caroline Wright

squall_caroline wright water-stained-memory_caroline wright

8. Clare Elsaesser

Happiness_ClareElsaesser TheDivide_ClareElsaesser

9. Gray Malin

Drugs_Gray Malin Summertime Splash_Gray Malin

10. Kara Rosenlund

Bruny Island_Kara Rosenlund Wild Horses_Kara Rosenlund


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3 Responses to 10 artists I totally want to hang (on my wall)

  1. Suzanne says:

    Lucky to have two of these artists in my house! I bought a Gray Malin a couple years ago for my family room but – of course- I mismeasured so it’s in my 8 year olds room! I always tell him- please be careful of that print! 🙈

    • Erin says:

      Luke is one lucky kid! And you’re brave- my boys would break a picture like that in a few hours! I’m so nervous that the huge canvas Kelli Kroneberger painted for me is going to end up with a large tear in it at the courtesy of my children.

  2. ooo I Love all the edgy art that you picked. The first one is a favorite!