2015 Holiday Home Tour

Thanks for stopping by Day Nine of the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes! Big thanks to Jenny from The Evolution of Style for inviting Erin and me to join up with this very talented group of bloggers! Are you ready to play peeping bitches? Come on in!

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches




***All photos (unless watermarked Suburban Bitches) are by the fabulous Kelli Kroneberger. Not only is she a photographer but also an amazing artist. Go check out her site for visual inspiration!***

{Tricia’s House}

Remember those college days when you’d procrastinate forever doing something that really didn’t need to be done and next thing you know it’s two days before your final and you realize you have a whole semester of accounting that you never learned? That’s kind of how it was around here this week. After deciding there was absolutely positively no way I could possibly decorate for Christmas unless I painted half my house Simply White, I had less than two days and two nights to get all the Christmas decorations up but I did it! I’d like to thank an endless supply of coffee (and a little wine) for me and much too much take out and TV for the kids for making it possible.


Oh, and this little guy helped out soooo much too. He was always willing to dive in to help with ribbon and ornaments and to make sure I took frequent breaks to chasing him around the house. Thanks Henry.

Please come in and let’s peek around Casa Canonico at Christmas!

christmas tour 2015 wreath

I had the front door painted this summer and I love how the wreath and black & white ribbon pop against the blue. I found the sled at a flea market years ago and it always makes an appearance on the front porch every year.

Christmas Tour 2015 door Let’s skip to the back of the house first so you can take in all my pretty new white. Every other year we’ve put the tree in the living room. This year though I got a wild hair and put it into the family room instead. I wish I had done this years ago. Having the tree as part of our daily lives rather than needing to make a special point of going into the living room to enjoy it is so much better.


This year I went with a white, silver, black and gold theme with lots of fresh greens and poinsettias. I love how it all goes beautifully with the blue and white of my home. By going with a more limited palette I only used a fraction of the ornaments we’ve picked up over the years. I can’t wait to get rid of most of the ornaments we didn’t use and consolidate some of the Christmas decorations. It’s time for a Christmas KonMari’ing.


I bought very little in the way of new decorations. I did luck out on the furry tree skirt at Home Goods and my sweet friend helped me make the pompom garland over several glasses of champagne on our Thanksgiving trip to Oregon.

christmas tour 2015 tree shelves

Lyn also inspired the hot chocolate bar. Each year my parents send a couple pieces of Tiffany china for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad!). I get giddy every time I see that robin’s egg blue box.


The problem was I was too afraid to put that china out there. I do have three kids after all. This year they are going to be front and center and I’m just going to let go of the fear.






Last year Erin and I make the marquee “Joy” signs over our mantles with the girls from the ‘hood. The sign’s been a fun addition to the Christmas repertoire. The mantel also got the pompom treatment and a two black and white buffalo check poufs from Target.


Do you know about the $10 Trader Joe boxwood wreaths? The best Christmas decorating bargain out there! I hung up several I bought last Christmas in my storage room and they still look great this year. That $10 can keep giving year after year.


The wreaths just make a space look so pretty. Plus they pop so nicely against my new white walls! That’s why it was so necessary to paint last week.




I kept things simple for my tablescape. The wedding china doesn’t get broken out much but I couldn’t resist the gold rime plates and navy salad plates as part of the Christmas decor. And those gold bottomed stemless wine glasses that I thought would make a good hostess gift? I couldn’t resist them so I gifted them to me.


The decorations in the kitchen are straightforward – more wreaths, poinsettias and a few ornaments.


I recently updated the kitchen sink corner of my kitchen (more to come on that soon) and the wreaths again work so nicely with the white of the tiled wall and the new ceiling pendant from Feiss Lighting.


Let’s work our way back to the front of the house which, as you can see, is still yellow. It kind of feels like “business in the front and party in the back.” The two story foyer is going to be a challenge to paint – can we say scaffolding? Anyway, that’s next month. Here in the front I kept with the Ballard’s Angle Pine garland that we’ve had for a few years as well as many more poinsettias. How can you go wrong with white poinsettias I ask you!


I found the birch bark lined containers for the flowers at save-on-crafts. These’ll be great to use in all different ways throughout the year.




The garland also makes an appearance between the living room and the dining room. And do you see my pretty little light fixture from Serena and Lily? My husband hasn’t been home yet to realize that it’s his Christmas present to me. My best Black Friday deal!


The front entry got the same wreath and poinsettia treatment as the rest of the house. As you can see Henry is very excited about all the greenery.


Actually Henry is the all around mellowest puppy ever although he did like running around with ribbon.


Thanks for popping by to visit us! We hope you enjoyed the tour of Casa Canonico and now for the tour of Erin’s house!

{Erin’s House}

***All photos (unless watermarked Suburban Bitches) by the fabulous Kelli Kroneberger. ***

I swore that I wasn’t going to do much decorating this year. We are leaving on Christmas Day for a much needed vacation in Hawaii and I figured it probably wasn’t worth it to decorate if we would be leaving. But all those holiday home tours tugged at my inner elf heart strings and I had most of my house decorated before Thanksgiving! I figured putting it up early made all the effort worth it so we could enjoy it longer. The outside of our house looks pretty much exactly the same as the year before. It’s simple with a few wreaths around the lights, garland on the railings, and big round white light bulbs highlighting the roof lines on the house.

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

A Christmas Tour with Erin of Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban BitchesLet’s go on in and take a peek around!

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

In the office is my official kids tree. I even let the kids put the ornaments on themselves this year, which was a big step for my slightly OCD self. And if you look closely at the tree you might see my failed attempt at getting the tree topper on. I tried and gave up, leaving it dangling by a thread from the top. Keeping it real classy here.

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches


2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches 2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban BitchesI really loved the paper stars Target put out this year for Christmas. In the entry to the dining room I hung some fresh garland and those stars to create an obstacle for tall people who dare enter my house. And a LED branch tree gets some fluffy feather ornaments from West Elm that I picked up last year on clearance.

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches 2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban BitchesI think stairways are one of the most fun areas to decorate for Christmas. And I can’t believe I just typed those words. I need to get out more. Anyhoo, my super fun way of decorating the stairwell in my house involves putting up some snazzy faux garland with jazzy gold and red ornament garland. It just got really fun over here, don’t you think?

Since we are mantel-less in our house my kids’ stockings sit on a ledge in the stairwell. And if those windows above the ledge opened I could modify the tale of Santa to have him come into the house through the window. But the windows don’t open and I tell my kids lame reasons about how Santa actually enters our house. And by the age of 7 they no longer believe in Santa. #buzzkill

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

The living room is where I really focus my decorating efforts. This year I went with  red plaid and black and white touches for this room. And just wait till you see how you can decorate a fireplace wall to divert eyes from viewing a half-finished project.

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

This year since we’re going out-of-town I opted to put up a fake tree that we’ve had for years. I really miss the smell of a real tree and next year I’m back to getting the real deal. Those red pillows that you see on the couch were created by yours truly. Because sometimes I like to get fancy.

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban BitchesWhile I was feeling fancy I also made that buffalo check pillow cover using a placemat from the dollar bin at Target and some black faux leather. Think that pillow cover might be used all winter long! And any long time blog readers might notice that the black chair in this room is new. As is the couch and rug. Yes, I did a bit of a re-do on the living room that I’ve not shared on the blog yet. Act surprised when you see the full reveal in a few months, m’kay.

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

Look at that fireplace in all her drywall glory! Yes I’m still in the midst of making over the fireplace. I’ve got a pretty clear idea on what I want to do finally and I’ve got a guy coming over tomorrow to start talking how we can make this wall look better. In the meantime just ignore the drywall and look at those great red pillows that I picked up at Target this year. You can’t see well in the picture but the piping is a faux leather which is something I think I’ll be copying when I feel fancy again and want to make pillow covers.

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches 2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches


2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

The breakfast nook gets dolled up for the holidays as well. I kept the decorations pretty minimal though with boxwood wreaths on the sliding French doors, some swags on the backs of the black metal chairs, and a little centerpiece of candles, a pine wreath, and of course a deer head with greenery in its ears.

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

2015 Holiday Home Tour | Suburban Bitches

That sums up my holiday decorating this year. I hope y’all enjoyed peeking into my home. And I sincerely wish all of you a joyful holiday!

Be sure to check out all the gorgeous homes on the Christmas Tour of Homes!



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34 Responses to 2015 Holiday Home Tour

  1. Tricia and Erin, both of your homes were SOOOOO fun to tour!!!!!! Tricia I am in total love with your Simply White party in the back. I just painted two rooms in my house (literally, last week) and now I am looking at them imagining them in Simply White. Your kitchen and family room are so bright and cheery. Love your Joy marquee sign and all your wreaths and poinsettias! Erin the architecture of your house is gorgeous. I love that little built in next to your dining room with the light over it. And red plaid looks so great with your wood wall and color palette! I love how you both decorate and am looking forward to binging on Suburban Bitches posts! Thanks for sharing your beautiful homes!!

    • Thanks so much Lisa for coming by! Your house looks so incredibly gorgeous and cozy for Christmas. It’s totally making me miss the Northeast! I still need to paint the whole front part of my house. Maybe in January we’ll have to have an online paint party! Merry Christmas!

  2. Both so beautiful! Love all the pretty wreaths and ribbons. And those gorgeous buffalo plaid poufs are calling my name. Amazing job!

    • Thanks so much Becky! And I’m loving the poufs! They’re slip covered so I think those babies are going to be a staple in my house – change them up for the summer and anytime I want to move them around. Thanks too for sharing your beautiful house – I adore all you little touches!

  3. OMG – both of your homes look absolutely GORGEOUS!! I’m in love with the wreath hoard that you both have (and I do as well), and how classic and beautiful they both look. I had to laugh at the college procrastination thing, because that is so me, it’s ridiculous. Can’t get over it, no matter how hard I try. 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the tour this year – I know it’s a lot of work, but WOW!!

    • Maybe that’s what drew me to to you in the lobby of the hotel that day – the look of a fellow master procrastinator! 😉 Thanks so much for organizing us and for popping by! This tour has been so much fun to be a part of!

  4. Vel says:

    OMG, where to begin?! Everything is just ooh-la-la!Let’s start with Tricia’s house, I love that she moved the tree to the family room where I think a lot of the happenings during the holiday will happen – love the color themes and the wreaths on the windows and the garland between the Dining and living room (lighting from S & L is PERFECT)!Erin’s home is just a wonderful eye-candy, so many beautiful things all around the home and in love with how the kitchen was decorated!!! That deer head with the greenery is genius and unexpected (if you mentioned that to me without me seeing it I would freak out ;-))! You both have the perfect holiday home and may I say super chic taste! I am so honored to share this Blogger Home tour with you ladies! CHEERS!!!!!

  5. Tricia and Erin. It’s so cool that you have matching JOY signs! That’s great news that the TJ wreaths last. Did you put anything on them to preserve them? All looks so happy and festive….merry and bright! Perfect for great family memories.

    Merry Christmas,
    Mary Ann

    • Thanks so much Mary Ann! I didn’t do anything special to the wreaths but I was talking to another customer at Trader Joe’s the other day and she said she put cheap hairspray on them. Merry Christmas to you and thanks for stopping by!

  6. Arielle says:

    Both of your homes are so warm and cheerful! Tricia – we had the choice of our formal living room or the library (where we spend most of our evenings) for our tree, and I’m so, so glad we went with the room we actually USE. It just is the happiest thing to have the tree hanging out with us. And Erin, your living room is ahhhmazing. Loved these tours!

  7. Amy Ehmann says:

    Great job ladies!! So fun and festive!

  8. Suzanne says:

    Okay. Sitting at Panera looking at your decorating jobs and feel inspired. I can do MORE! Beautiful job! Both houses are incredible. I’m lucky I can visit them!

  9. Wow, you girls really know how to do it up! Your homes look gorgeous – I was oohhing and awwing over every little photo! Fun to be on the tour with you this year!!

  10. Hi Ladies

    I am new to your blog thanks to Jenny. Love the name of your blog I know you two must be full of fun from the name alone! Tricia your house was wonderful but Henry stole the show! I loved the black and white theme in Erin’s home and every other detail! So fun!

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  13. i looked at these in the car friday from my phone and i am so happy to see them now in their full glory on my laptop- your homes are AMAZING! i love the rustic modern mix, the touches of glam, the blue velvet… there is just so much to take in. i am so grateful for this intro through this tour!

  14. So many ideas to steal! I’ve had the “pin it” button on repeat. You girls truly have an eye for design.

    I enjoyed every detail in your holiday home tours!

  15. So awesome, you two! Love both of your fun, festive styles, and next year I think I need the TJ’s boxwood wreaths, they look fabulous everywhere! LOVE your Simply White, Tricia and Erin, I’m glad you went to all the trouble even though you’re heading out of town! Have a wonderful Christmas with your families!

  16. You guys! Your homes both look AMAZING! I just love how your styles work so well together! Tricia – the space around your fireplace is beautiful! I love the elegance 🙂 Erin – I am obsessed with your white and gray staircase and your feature wall in your family room behind your tree – beautiful! Awesome job and Merry Christmas to you both !

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  20. Gina says:

    Just stumbled upon you via the Christmas home tour. Beautiful homes! Curious where you two live. In Erin’s home there is art that seems like you’re in Winston Salem NC but your homes sure don’t look like the builder basic homes they tend to build in the area.

    • Erin says:

      Gina- you have a good eye! That print is our memento from Winston Salem!! We lived there for 10 years while my husband was doing his medical training and I was in grad school. We moved out to Fort Collins, CO 3 1/2 years ago. And that’s where I met Tricia and is where we both still live.

  21. KC says:

    Just found your blog and am really enjoying the pictures!

    Did you mention the sources for the black and white stripe candles and your white sofa with the black details?

    • Thanks so much KC and Happy New Year to you! The candles were a gift from a friend a couple of years ago. If I remember correctly she purchased them at One Kings’ Lane. The couch is my 18 year old Laura Ashley Home that I had the white slipcover with the navy piping made for it. I just couldn’t decide on what I wanted in a new couch in that room and the new slipcover has worked well for a couple of years now. I just used white duck on it so it was an absolute bargain.

      • KC says:

        Thanks for the speedy reply and Happy New Year to you!

        I love the sofa even more that it was “recycled”. The navy and white combination is so timeless. I just wish I could find someone in my area that will make slipcovers.

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  24. So much inspiration! Are all your wreaths from Trader Joe’s? Your holiday decorations are beautiful!