2016 Holiday Home Tour Part II

Today we’re back to share some more of our holiday home tours with you as part of the Pink Door Holiday Tour. Big thanks to Annie of All Things Big and Small for organizing us! If you missed on Wednesday, we shared our living rooms and breakfast nooks as part of the 12 days of Christmas tours. And today we’ve got more holiday decor goodness to share!

Erin’s House:

I always love when people decorate their staircases for Christmas. This year I kept it super simple and easy for our stairwell. I picked up some real garland from Costco and draped it along the railings. I added a few black and white bows at the posts and middle swag and called it good.

Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees

Last year Target had these paper stars as part of their holiday collection. I always struggle with where to put them so this year I threw them up on the light in our stairwell. Speaking of Target holiday collection, anyone kind of bummed with the stuff they put out this year? I’m not sure if I missed it coming into our Target store but I feel like there was much less of it this year. And I was really sad they didn’t have these stars again but I needed one more!

Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees

This year with the dining room being my favorite room in the house, I decided to put a few decorations in that room. This room is all about the simple contrast between black and white so I kept the holiday decorations straight forward.

Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees

A “Merry Christmas” metal banner (from last year’s Target holiday collection), along with a few gold trees and a string of garland bring just a bit of Christmas to this room.

Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees

I even went to my backyard and cut some branches off our evergreen tree to put in this vase, along with fake holly berries because I’m terrified of my dog eating a real berry and spending Christmas in the emergency vet clinic.

Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees

And a few pictures of the outside of our house. I love how the new paint colors look with the green garland and trees!

Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees

Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees Erin's house at Christmas 2016 | suburban bees

Tricia’s House

If you remember from Wednesday when I shared my family room and breakfast nook, this year’s theme for holiday decor is all about keeping it simple to stay true to my new more modern decor. (It might also have a little bit to do with a time crunch but let’s just going to forget all about that part!)

Suburban Bees Holiday Tour of Homes 2016 36

If you turned right around from that view of the family room you’d spy the kitchen. Simple, understated decorations reigned in there too. I went with a couple wreaths, a few poinsettias and a little fur to bring the season into this space.


Here’s hoping next year the stores stock more white poinsettias as this year I cleared out both Lowe’s and Home Depot!

Pink Door Holiday Tour 2016 52

I’m actually enjoying washing dishes while I get to stare at this pretty little vignette while I do them. What more could this corner want beyond wreaths and poinsettias when it’s already got that amazing Lucent Light Shop pendant to make it festive?

Every year my parents send me a little Christmas present from Tiffany’s. For the last few Christmases it’s been two mugs. Even though I was trying to scale back I couldn’t resist putting them out.

Pink Door Holiday Tour 58

So far I’ve made homemade hot cocoa for the kids in the mugs exactly once this season. I might be able to muster that level of June Cleaver-ness precisely once more before the New Year.

I’m anticipating changing things up in the dining room this year so I wasn’t overly excited about decorating it. Once I brought in some glittery balls, greenery, a little gold and some sparkly lights I forgot all about my lack of enthusiasm. I love how it came together!

Pink Door Holiday Tour 2016 21

Beyond the table setting I kept with the simple theme of wreaths, poinsettias, greens and lights in here as well.

Pink Door Holiday Tour 2016 13

And a few angel wings on the chairs for good measure.

Pink Door Holiday Tour 2016 18

Pink Door Holiday Tour 2016 15

It’s the same story in the living room – just enough to keep things festive while not going overboard.

Pink Door Holiday Tour 2016 8

Pink Door Holiday Tour 2016 9

Pink Door Holiday Tour 2016 10

From the living room it’s back to the front hallway. I found the perfect home for my Target poufs from last year’s Christmas collection (yep, I’ll second it – last year’s Christmas selection was soooooo much better!). This year the ferns got to stay and fill in for the evergreens.


For a hot second I thought about decorating the rest of the house but then I remembered I’d just have to take it all down again. This year the Christmas is just residing on the main floor of the house. Hopefully the kids will recover from this level of trauma inflicted on them by their mama.

Be sure to check out all the gorgeous homes on the rest of the tour. You’ll be amazed at all the beautiful and unique ways these bloggers have decorated their homes for the season!

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14 Responses to 2016 Holiday Home Tour Part II

  1. both are just beautiful! i could live in either of your homes, thank you very much! 😉

  2. Elise says:

    Y’all’s style is INSANE!! WOW! Knocked it out of the park! Love your homes and totally want to come on over 🙂

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  4. Angela says:

    You both have such amazing homes!!!!! Love all the holiday touches!

  5. I only do the main floor also! Too much work cleaning up otherwise. I love your home! Simply beautiful. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

  6. Julia says:

    Every single detail is incredible! So gorgeous! Your homes are stunning without holiday decor and the touches you added just make them even more beautiful!

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  9. I have only decorated the first floor so far this year as well. I love both of your homes! So many pretty ideas and the real garland on the staircase has me thinking I may try that next year. I will already have to vacuum up needles from the tree…what’s a few more?!! Thanks for the beautiful tours!

  10. Both of your homes are so gorgeous!! And I just love that green couch!

  11. Melissa B. says:

    Loving both houses! I’m obsessed with Erin’s entry way black pendant…can you share where you got it?

  12. I love the simple elegance of both of your homes. I am really loving the less is more approach to decor this year. Great job!

  13. Vel says:

    Erin, your home is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! And being a huge fan of the paper stars myself, love how you hung them on your chandelier!!!!! So honored to share the Holiday Home tours with you ladies! Merry Christmas and CHeers!

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