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A couple of weeks ago we hosted our first design workshop in conjunction withEveritt & Schilling. Aaron Everitt was the featured speaker and gave a short presentation on 5 Easy Tips for a Small Bathroom. Since many of our readers don’t live in the Fort Collins area we wanted to share the tips with you too! Here they are:

5 Easy Tips for a Small Bathroom (according to Aaron Everitt)

1. Space isn’t your issue.

Most homes built within the last 20 years have the minimum code requirements for space around a toilet and a tub. Generally the real issues are in either how the space is used or decorated. Consider these easy ideas:

  • Shrink your mirror- often a large mirror makes the room appear smaller. Limiting the sizing to a location just over the sink will make the room feel larger instantly.
  • Add a feature- Simple deco tile in the shower or a feature wall of an interesting tile can make a space feel much more interesting and larger all at the same time.

tile wall as focal point

  • Add glass to your shower or tub. A clear shower door will allow the tile in the tub to stand out and make the room feel larger. Shower curtains cut off the room and diminish the feature of the tile in the enclosure.

glass shower door

  • Add natural light. If the bath is in a space that can have a window or glass block added on an exterior wall, do it. It instantly makes the room brighter and adds a depth and light to the space that will transform the feel. If it isn’t on an exterior wall consider a solotube from the ceiling for a warm glow of natural light from above.

windows in bathroom

  • Find interesting storage solutions. sometimes your vanity is your worst enemy. Take a hard look at space you are using and see if you can do a floating vanity or alternative storage to a traditional cabinet. Hotel towel racks help minimize the under sink storage you need and can add a decorative element to the space.

interesting storage solutions

2. Color changes the game.

Most homes are painted one color both on the ceiling and the walls and if you’re lucky your trim might be an offsetting color or stain. Try experimenting with bold colors and interesting paint variations.

  • At a minimum, paint the ceiling and the walls a different color. Something white, light grey, or sky blue is a great change for a small bath. (Looking for paint color suggestions, check out our 10 favorite paint colors here).

gray bathroom

  • Try painting two walls different colors in the same family. Grey and green, oranges and browns, etc. Find a compliment to the tile you already have and paint away! It’s the cheapest and fastest way to make a bathroom feel large. Remember that dark colors making things feel small is really a myth. Black makes things feel small, but warm rich dark colors can actually enhance a space’s feel and make it much more desirable to be in.

bathroom painted two colors

  • Change your tile color. Add a glass or a textured tile in the shower enclosure and see how much larger it feels! Re-doing tile isn’t nearly as difficult or as expensive as it might fee. Most bathrooms are small enough that the costs are really worth the effort.

glass tile in shower

3. Toss the tub if you don’t use it.

Most of the people in the United States take showers if they are over the age of 6. If you don’t need the tub, consider getting rid of it and going to a poured tile shower or fiberglass pan. There a a lot of really great solutions here and don’t let your bathroom habits be driven by your realtor. NEVER build your space for the next guy who is going to live in your home! Build it to function for you and in all likelihood, it will function for the next person. There are some alternatives if you must keep the tub:

  • Freestanding tubs take up much less space and make the room feel large. There are shower kits that can be added to the unit to still keep it as a shower and give it a very classic and old-time feel.

freestanding tub

  • Built on-site tubs. Schulter makes a product called Kerdi that you can use to build a tub in place of a pre-built one. It feels larger and can be much narrower than a traditional tub while giving you the feel and look of a much more custom solution.

4. Use wardrobes in your design instead of a walk-in closet.

Most master baths have two spaces allocated to two separate functions that are consistently crossing over in their use. Most people dress in the bathroom and not in the closet (I’m guilty of this!) and so the closet is completely underutilized. Especially the floor space within the area. Consider lining the bath with a wardrobe style closet system and grabbing more space from the function of the closet.

bathroom wardrobe

5. Change your plumbing fixtures.

Alternative kinds of toilets, tubs, and sink fixtures can gain back precious inches that will make the space feel much larger. Remember that sometimes just 2 inches can be worth the efforts to make the space function larger. Most baths have all the space you need, it’s really about how you allocate it and alternative plumbing fixtures can help gain back space that will make a difference.

bathroom fixtures


If any of these tips inspired you to undertake a little bathroom remodel- Everitt and Schilling is a showroom full of gorgeous tiles and flooring! I highly recommend a visit to their store if you are in the Fort Collins, CO area!


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