A Year of Change recap

Last March we introduced you to the “Year of Change.” Each month we, along with our with our friends Amy of Commona My House, Rosa of Rosa Beltran Design and Sarah of Life on Virginia Street introduced a new challenge that could help you transform your house one doable project at a time. I’ll admit, some months those projects seemed more daunting than others and sometimes those changes happened at the very tail end of the month. But, if we hadn’t set ourselves up for with those challenges, there’s a whole lot less that would have gotten done around our house this year.

3suburbanbitchesblogartworkfinal copy

It was a fun year but now it’s time to kiss the Year of Change goodbye (don’t worry – we’ll be introducing a new long term challenge for all of you to play along with shortly) but before we say syonara completely we wanted to show you that we’ve come along way baby.

March 2014

Our very first Year of Change project was taking on a Cutting Edge Stencil project.

Erin jazzed up her playroom.

March Year of Change reveal // Suburban Bitches

And I gave my closet a leopard printed face lift. Getting ready in the morning is much more fun when you’ve got gold spots to greet you.

March Year of Change Tricia's Closet // Suburban Bitches

Photo by Sugar Photography

April 2014

For our April project we took on furniture rehab. Erin had the coolest mid-century credenza she worked on.

art deco credenza | Suburban Bitches

The before is pretty awesome but how gorgeous is the after?

gray and gold hardware office credenza | Suburban Bitches

We were both feeling shades of grey last April so I painted a secretary with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris and did a fabric backing behind the shelves.

Annie Sloan Paris painted secretary // Suburban Bitches

May 2014

With the spring weather it was time to take it outside. Erin created the most ingenious herb garden.

DIY hanging herb garden // Suburban Bitches

And I created an outdoor living space.

a year of change may ~ Suburban Bitches

June 2014

In June we worked with Lamps Plus on a project to incorporate swag-style lighting into our homes. Erin added lighting to her little boy’s room.

Light storyboard

And to her basement TV area.

swag light over sectional | Suburban Bitches

I added light to our woefully neglected condo master bedroom.

Lamp Plus shaded swag and reclaimed barn wood DIY headboard // suburbanbitches.com

July 2014

July was a catchall – take on a neglected area of our houses.

Erin tackled her kids’ bathroom (I was talking about needing to take on my own kid bath project yesterday).


I spent the month stripping the scrapbook wallpaper from my daughter’s room. This was the project from hell and it wasn’t until January that I actually finished my daughter’s room redo. Ugh. At least the Year of Change got the ball rolling!DSC_5027

August 2014

In August we styled up another neglected area – shelves.

Erin’s project was the shelves in her office.Styling shelves for a home office // suburban bitches-4

My project was these gold spray painted Ikea hack shelves. I finally finished up painting them then added a bit of styling. This little dude was a big help! (maybe not really)

book shelf styling - Suburban Bitches

September 2014

This was my least favorite project – DIY artwork. Once in a while you just need a good fail to keep yourself in line. This was mine.

I thought Erin’s Warhol-style prints were pretty stinkin’ cute.

turn your photos into pop art // suburban bitches

My watercolor silhouette – not nearly as much.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.33.27 PM

Definitely too faint. I am NOT an artist.

DSC_5697 photo editor inspired watercolor - suburban bitches

October 2014

And moving right along… to something I liked much better – adding flair with fabric! We were so excited to work with Tonic Living on this challenge. Erin upholstered an Ikea bed.

upholstered IKEA bed | suburban bitches

I used fabric to give my new banquette just the pop of color it needed.


November 2014

Our gang changed up linens in a bedroom. Erin took a buy on this month and I took the opportunity to move our almost 4 year old out of his crib (finally) and do up a big boy bed.

vintage iron bed // suburbanbitches.com DSC_7135


I’m happy to say this guy still has no idea he can get out of bed without calling for me first. We also taught him that he can’t call until the first number on the clock is 7 then we set the clock back 25 minutes I have four year old free until exactly 7:25 every morning. On the nose.

January 2015

December was too busy to attempt any sort of change other than the kind associated with Christmas decorating so we took the month off. January we were back on board with painting a room – by far the biggest bang for your buck and time.

Erin went to the dark side in her office. I LOVE how her room turned out.

Year of Change Challenge-Before and After | suburban bitches

And I took on my little one’s bathroom. This was definitely a favorite of mine.

January Year of Change Challenge - Paint // Suburban Bitches

February 2015

February was the last one of the year long challenge and we went with organization.

I had my fail with the artwork; Erin had her no win month with the garage that didn’t get more organized.


I used this month to rein in the paperwork chaos in my house with this handy dandy organizational system.

February Year of Change Home Command Center Organization - www.suburburbanbitches.com

Obviously every month was not epic for us but by taking on a project at a time we brought a great deal of change to our homes that wouldn’t have ever happened if we hadn’t  challenged ourselves to try. Looking back at the photos from the past year I want to raise a glass to both of us and admire the ass-kicking we accomplished this year. Yay team! I’m excited for our next challenge and can’t wait to fill you all in once we work out the details on this one.

Hope you all had a chance to play a long with our challenge and that you’re seeing big changes in your home too! Be sure to check out Amy, Sarah and Rosa’s Year of Change projects – they created some amazing things over the course of the Year!

Happy weekend everyone!


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  1. SO many great projects ladies! You accomplished so many gorgeous projects. So fun to be a part of this journey! xoxo