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Two suburban moms, introduced in yoga class and then becoming neighbors with direct views into each other’s houses. Living that close how could we not end up snooping around each other’s homes and finding a shared love of decorating? Here we share some of the ways we’ve tried to take our suburban homes from cookie-cutter to fabulous, all while raising 6 kids and maintaining our social drinking problem. Welcome to Suburban Bees!

Introducing {Erin}:



My previous career was a scientist studying drug addiction. My current job is trying to raise three kids without becoming an addict. When I’m not chasing my kids and fussing at them about the mess their latest frat party left, then I’m pondering what new things can I do to beautify my house. Unfortunately, my budget (and college funds for 3 kids) many times dictates my decorating decisions for the house (like 99.9% of us out there). Cadillac taste, Pinto budget- as my realtor explained to me when we shopped around for our first home. Hopefully I can share some tips with you on how I’m trying to make my house pretty on a Pinto budget, while occasionally walking off the lot with a brand new Caddy.

So yep, a lot of my time is spent rummaging around thrift stores and online bargain shops. Or I’m at the gym watching trash t.v. on my iPad as I train for my next athletic competition. But really I’m just trying to burn some calories so I can drink guilt-free on the weekends.

Introducing {Tricia}:



After years spent pursuing a PhD and running my own business I’m now living the “stay-at-home mom to three” suburban dream complete with kid carpooling, laundry folding, errand running and diaper changing.  When not overwhelmed by such glamorous pursuits I spend my time transforming our builder spec house into a space I love.  I design with the idea in mind that beautiful rooms shouldn’t cost a fortune. I believe that 15 year old couches, $75 tables and assorted hand-me-down can be the perfect pieces to anchor a room.  I believe in shelves full of paint samples, drawers of fabric & bins of craft supplies – all ready to be turned into something fabulous!  Most of all I believe in DIY, bargain hunting and helping friends with decorating dilemmas.

I’ve also been known to partake in a bit of yoga, online window shopping, themed party throwing and regular wine drinking with my fellow suburban bees.