Alt Summit 2014 {the clothing}

Erin and I are off to join the fun at Alt Summit next week.  Have you heard of it?  It’s only the biggest and bestest blogger conference out there! We are crazy excited to go to  meet up with other bloggers and sponsors and to pick up some tips on how to make this little blog of ours even better.

Alt Summit is all about the dress, the business card and bringing your A game. Twitter and the blogosphere is a buzz with what people are packing and will be wearing this year and the amazing outfits conference attendees have worn.  Look how cute NicoleMirandaEmilyGabrielle and Mara were at past Alt Summits!

Spending a good chunk of our day blogging and prepping projects for the blog means Erin and I rarely leave our houses.  That in turn translates into a wardrobe of gym clothes and jammies and very few outfits that could be categorized as anything but ultra casual.

I personally have been outfit planning for weeks now and turning myself into a nervous Nelly.  Erin’s telling me to stop drinking the Alt Summit koolaid and to breathe.  Now that I’ve got my outfits (mostly) planned out I think I can take to that advice.

Here’s what we are looking at wearing.

{Erin’s outfits}

Green Party:

green-party-outfit Alt Summit_Suburban Bitches
shirt /  skirt /  jewelry /  shoes by Sam Edelman, few years old / handbag borrowed

Thursday night is the green party. So guess what, I won’t be the a-hole wearing pink to the party. This time I’ll play along and throw some green on. Luckily I had this green shirt in my closet and just picked up the skirt on sale at Anthropologie over Christmas. Jewelry is a mix of borrowed pieces and a necklace from J Crew factory.

Dinner Wednesday night with Collectively:

Collectively-dinner-outfit_Suburban Bitches

Cardigan / Polka dot blouse / black skirt / shoes / jewelry / handbag (forever old)

Wednesday night is dinner with sponsors of the conference. We got to choose who we wanted to dine with and Tricia and I chose the company Collectively. Collectively is dedicated to facilitating collaborations between companies and bloggers. Something us bitches are hoping to do more of so we are super excited for this dinner! I’m planning on wearing a little black skirt with a polka dot blouse and cardigan on top. Nothing too wild, have to look presentable and responsible.

Daytime look #1:

Alt Summit daytime-outfit_Suburban Bitches


blazer / pants / zebra blouse / shoes / necklace borrowed from friend

I totally don’t know what to expect for daytime looks. I always fear that I’ll be too underdressed so the first day I’ll probably go a little more dressy to combat that fear. A sweater blazer on top makes it business-y, but then zebras on the blouse underneath. And you know what zebras mean= the girl likes to party.

Daytime look #2:

Alt Summit clothes_Suburban Bitches

furry vest borrowed from friend / denim shirt / black jeans / leather and gold bracelet / shoes

Day 2 I’m planning on stepping outside of my comfort zone a bit. The furry vest is totally that for me- a departure from my normal attire. I borrowed it from my fashionable friend Betsy after I saw her rock it one night. I’m hoping to stand out a bit in the crowd with this piece.

Friday night outfit:

Alt Summit nighttime outfit_Suburban Bitches


I didn’t include links for this outfit because almost all of it was already in my closet or borrowed. The coral shirt I picked up from Anthropologie this summer and it’s the one piece that when I wear it I usually get quite a few compliments. Pants are a repeat from my daytime outfit #1 and the shoes a repeat from the green party. Jewelry is from J Crew and the gold handbag is a borrowed piece.

Travel day outfit:



I hadn’t given one thought to my travel outfit until Tricia pointed out that we have to look cute when we travel too. Black jeans with a black and gold t-shirt. And boots are way too big to pack in a suitcase so I’ll be wearing those on the plane. And luckily our airport has gotten rid of the “take off your shoes at security” rule so I won’t even have to yank those babies off while traveling. In reality there is no way that I’ll be carrying that tiny gold purse while traveling, instead it will be a big old camera bag that I’ll have. And the jewelry, sure it would look nice but who wants to be “that girl” at the security line.

{Tricia’s Outfits}

Green Party:




alt summit - green party ~ suburban bitches

top / pants/ shoes / purse / necklace / earrings

I dare you to go find something green to wear right now – there is nothing.  Fortunately Banana Republic just introduced a whole green/black line and that’s where I found these fun medallion print pants.  They fit like a charm and so I built an outfit fit for a green party around them.

What we're wearing to Alt Summit ~ Suburban Bitches


denim jacket / shirt / skirt – borrowed from a friend / purse / earrings / boots (old)

This outfit came together around the idea of textures –  the silk of this yellow skirt borrowed from the same stylish friend juxtaposed with a classic denim & suede boots.  Add a little leopard print and lots of fun bracelets including a borrowed cuff and a tried and true charm bracelet and all this outfit is ready for stuffing in the suitcase.

what we're wearing to Alt Summit ~ Suburban Bitches


blazer (Gap – old) / top / skirt / necklace / purse / booties

It’s a rare thing indeed to find me in a skirt.  All the same it felt like this occasion called for one so I’m busting out of my comfort zone. This ensemble definitely speaks to the preppy girl that I still am at heart.  Too bad purses with button-on covers aren’t still in style because I’d be all over bringing one with matching covers for each day.

What we're wearing to Alt Summit ~ Suburban Bitches


blazer / t-shirt / jeans / necklace ( old – Macy’s) / scarf / boots (old) / belt

How can you go wrong with a black blazer, fun boots and a long strand of pearls?  I’m throwing in a touch of hot pink so I won’t fade into the background and there you have outfit #3.

What We're Wearing to Alt Summit - Suburban Bitches


Like one of Erin’s outfit this one is almost straight out of my closet so no good links.  The scarf I did just get from J Crew outlet, but they don’t seem to have it any longer.  This’ll be my travel outfit when we head to Alt.  I wanted something comfy and layered that would still look put together.  I love the calf hair cuff from C. Wonder that I picked up for a song from one of their sales.  They no longer carry it but I’ve been eyeing the leopard calf skin spiked cuff they now have in stock.  You can never have too much leopard print – or gold glitter – in your wardrobe!  The shoes are a TJ Maxx find from a few years ago and the sweater, shirt and belt are J. Crew sale items.  I felt like a success because I could at least pull one outfit from my closet.

There you have some of what we’ll be wearing to Alt.  Our divergent styles at work again.  Check in with us next week when we’ll be posting from Alt (can’t believe it’s actually just a few days away now!) and we’ll model these outfits for you.  And yes, I promise to branch out from my hand on hip modeling pose.

Wish us luck!

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13 Responses to Alt Summit 2014 {the clothing}

  1. Totally love the fur vest and denim top look…have fun ladies — er, I mean bitches.

  2. Amy Ehmann says:

    Love all the black and white with a pop of color and/or sparkle!

  3. I love that Kenley Skirt from Anthro!! Looking forward to meeting you guys at Alt!

    • Erin says:

      Thanks Kim! Can’t wait to meet you- love reading your blog. And the food pics on Instagram aren’t fair- wish I could eat at your house every night!

  4. Deb Martino says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your conference. The outfits look awesome. However, I must say you both look ravishing in sweats! Have an incredibly productive and memorable time.

  5. Joni says:

    Your choices are all super cute. Have fun!

  6. Meg says:

    Wait wait wait… is that the vegan leather jacket from Anthro?

    • Erin says:

      No, it’s not but guess what- I went and bought the vegan jacket from Anthro! In fact, I bought it in two colors- one is green and then I’m having the brown one overnighted to me. Probably won’t keep both but we’ll see- they are cute!!

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