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A pantry makeover

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It’s January which usually means to me it’s time for an organizing project and this time I’m taking on a pantry makeover! This past fall Erin and I were invited to participate in the One Room Challenge. We took on my family room, breakfast nook and kitchen. This is the kitchen after all that hard work. I’ve loved sharing our new space with friends and family and even hosting a few get togethers over the past couple months. But what didn’t get a makeover and what’s been my semi-hidden secret was my pantry. Outside it was pretty as a picture. Inside it was a total mess that made me cringe whenever I opened those cabinet doors and even more so when friends saw it – it was like getting caught with my holey undies on. Lucky for me Brenna of Domestic Charm invited me to join in an organizational blog hop …

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Rethinking kitchen storage

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Every January I feel this tremendous urge to organize the hell out of my house to the point I think I must be pregnant to want to nest so badly. Nope – and believe me that’s a happy thing. This year I’ve got the kitchen on my mind. I feel very lucky to have a kitchen the size of ours but I can’t seem to find the functionality zen in it so this January has me rethinking kitchen storage. Case in point – I love my big island but we only put a spot in that will accommodate two stools and guys – I’ve got THREE kids. Anyone with multiple kids is going to tell you this is the perfect recipe for in-fighting. Or birth control for anyone visiting without children. I’d love to remedy the situation by taking out the cabinets opposite the stools, removing the paneling on the front side of the …

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Get your *#$% together {little girl’s clothes}

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I guess I’m pretty lucky – up until the last few weeks my 9 year old has been happy to have me pick out her clothes for her every morning. Now though she starting to assert her independence and her, let’s say, unique version of fashion otherwise known as pink and more pink. I’m been trying to think of a happy medium where she gets to be a fashion guru and I still get to maintain a subtle dictatorial prevue. Today Alice and I worked on a new plan for keeping her clothes organized and figuring out what’s makes for a good outfit. It all started with my Fuji Instamatic camera. Back in my scrapbooking days my little Fuji got some serious action but it and the couple boxes of film have been wallowing in a box for the past couple years. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to …

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Get your *#$% together {bathroom cabinets}

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I’ve spent most of my life moving.  Believe it or not there are some benefits to picking up and hauling your possessions across country on a regular basis — like you keep getting a fresh start.  When you’re constantly purging to pack all your stuff up again, clutter doesn’t get a strangle hold on you.  This is only the second time ever I’ve been in a house for longer than two years & I’m discovering after two years the crap wins. It wins big. This is how I wanted my drawers to look. And this is how they really looked. And this cabinet housed a random assortment of makeup and toiletries. Are you running in horror yet because I am! This year I’m putting systems in place to beat the battle of the crap and I’m starting in my bathroom.  I can’t believe I’m actually showing you the inside of …

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