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Built-in entertainment center

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Ugh, I really hate that I titled this post with the words “entertainment center”. Something about those words automatically conjures up images of bad 90’s oak furniture pieces that held tv’s and everything in your life that you wanted to store for the pending apocalypse. But this thing that I’m going to share with you is really an entertainment center. No other word for it. It holds a tv, stereo equipment, speakers, dvd player, and board games. So you see, a true entertainment center. But there’s no 90’s oak, just painted wood, exposed brick, and some metal screens. This piece was custom built to fit downstairs in our basement. We found a great carpenter who helped us by building upper cabinets for our kitchen remodel and I booked him to build us this entertainment center as well. Before this space was just a bump out that we stuck a small …

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DIY or HIO {vinyl floors}

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Sometimes nature sucks. Like when the high altitude desert that we live in gets inundated with a week of heavy, heavy rain. Rain that #can’tstopwon’tstop. Like back in September when Colorado was hit with a 1,ooo year flood. And my basement was hit with water coming in through our window well. I really can’t complain, many people had their whole houses destroyed and without flood insurance (which no one has when you live in our conditions!), then were left to pay out of pocket or wait for FEMA assistance. So please, no one cry me a river over my basement getting some water in it. What the water in the basement did mean was that flooring needed to be replaced. Again, I wasn’t too sad about this as I was hoping to get rid of the carpet which must have seemed like grass to my dogs because my totally house …

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HIO {kitchen banquette}

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Sorry this post is late today.  It’s been a busy, happy few days filled with school competitions (their team won!), out of town guests, a fun Great Gatsby party night and much gabbing and catching up with our friends but not a lot of time for blog post writing.  Hope your weekend was just as good! I’ve been obsessed with banquettes for years. In my grandmother’s house there was a cozy little nook with built-in benches where we could all cram in for meals and treats and special moments with Granny. I think that’s when my love affair began. I’ve envisioned sweet memories created with our own little family while gathered together on a banquette in our kitchen since the kids entered our lives. I never thought I could make it work in our current breakfast nook. I was fixated on the idea that a banquette had to wrap around …

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DIY or HIO {reupholstered midcentury couch}

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Today’s post starts us off on a trip down memory lane. Remember this post? Our first Friday five when I shared some of my current furniture and home decor obsessions. One of my obsessions was Adrian Pearsall couch makeovers, like this one shared on Apartment Therapy: Or like the one in Emily Henderson’s living room. You all should click over and see her living room- it’s to.die.for. Of course she now has a new house and will be sharing all of her styling of that house- makes me want to become a hairball on her floor so I can just bask in the beautifulness! Ok, ok, I digress. Back to beautiful midcentury couches. Much like the mantra of that book The Secret (which I’ll admit I never read so this analogy might be totally off), if you put it out there in the universe it will happen. So I put …

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Herringbone backsplash

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my kitchen. It’s where I spend a ton of time so I want it to be a place that I feel happy in. And for the most part, I am happy in my kitchen. I love the big island in the middle where my kids eat their breakfast and draw pictures of dinosaurs with three heads. And I like having a big farmhouse table to eat at as a family or when we have friends over for dinner. Overall I think the layout works well for me but yet it still felt like a few tweaks might bring it closer to what I would choose in a kitchen that I designed. I initially thought that maybe I should paint all the wall cabinets white and change out the backsplash. Problem was, I had a hard time coming to grips with painting cabinets that …

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