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Peeping B’s {Barb’s New House}

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It’s been a while since we’ve had an issue of the Peeping B’s but you’ll think it was worth the wait after you see this house.  Today I get to share one of my favorite homes with you – Barb’s new house! Barb was one of the very first people I met when we move to Colorado from Oregon six years ago. I’m know I’m a lucky girl! Over that first year of our friendship I saw Barb’s genius at work while she built her first house. That house became one of our first Peeping B’s Tours. With the massive amount of goodness in that house it took two full posts to cover it all. You can check those posts out here and here. Anyone who knows Barb knows she isn’t one for sitting around. After a couple years in that house she was itching to take on a new …

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Ten for Thursday {modern model mansions}

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Ok, I completely suck at blog post writing this week. I’ve spent the better part of the week figuring out which room to paint for our Year of Change reveal tomorrow and then actually painting the room.  I am very happy with how it turned out but less happy with my blogging abilities. I hope you’ll get over my inadequacies quickly. While I was on the east coast over the holidays I had the chance to walk through Hovnanian Home’s new Line K mansion model homes designed by the renowned architect Piet Boon. (On a side note, besides being an incredible architect Piet is also amazingly hot.) These homes were spectacular and I realized that I need to be living in an Northern Virginia suburb in one of these beautiful homes. It might be a while until my husband can make this happen for me but in the meantime I’ve …

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Peeping B’s {Jill’s house}

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We had this wonderful bee who lived nearby and then she up and left us. Can you even get over that audacity? Fortunately she only moved 45 minutes away and built the most gorgeous house and still comes up to see us so I guess we can forgive her.  Best of all she’s willing to share her new digs with all of you! Jill is fun, colorful, stylish, bohemian and absolutely her own person. I think her marvelous mix of Southern roots combined with her time in San Francisco, settling down in Colorado, her love of travel and her marriage to her lovely Irish husband have shaped her unique perspective. I’ve never seen someone’s home so perfectly mirror their personality as Jill’s does. That symmetry is obvious from the moment you see her home’s exterior. Her house sits on a corner and when I went to see her I turned …

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Peeping B’s {Jana of Vintage Whites}

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Time to tell the truth readers, how many of you attend open houses at places you totally don’t intend on buying but you just want to see what the house looks like inside? I’m raising my hand because I am totally guilty. I just love to see how people decorate and live in their houses, which is of course why Peeping B’s is probably my favorite series on this blog. And why blogs are awesome, because you can virtually peep in houses all over the world from your cozy armchair! Today we get to peep into a local lady’s house and this one is kind of fun because even though Jana has let us peep in her house AND she lives in Fort Collins, we’ve never met in person yet! But after seeing her house and her great vintage taste, I’m convinced that we could be really great friends! Allow …

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Peeping B’s {Sarah’s house}

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One of the great things about the Year of Change Challenge is getting to know the lovely ladies who join us each month. And by now you already know that each of these ladies have amazing DIY and decorating skills. We thought it would be fun to peep into their houses and see all the work they have done that hasn’t been a part of the Year of Change. Today I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah’s home which is in the great state of Nebraska!  Sarah blogs over at Life on Virginia Street and not only is her home bright, clean, and looks like it belongs in a Pottery Barn catalog but her hair is also amazing! It must be the Nebraska water and humidity! Let’s go take a look: {Sarah’s house} We’ve lived in our home just over a year and a half. We actually weren’t really looking …

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