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DIY {cowhide bench}

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It’s been far too long since we gave you a down and dirty DIY project- don’t you think? Well we are going to change that today and share with you a fairly simple DIY that gives you a pretty spectacular end product. Before we start I must confess that I was a bit unsure how to tackle this project when I dreamed it up in my head and the internet was no help as it appears that this *might be* the first tutorial on a DIY cowhide bench. Say what?! No one else has had a burning desire to sit their butts on a cowhide every day? So without the internet providing me with the how-to for this DIY I contacted my friend Gayle at Sparrow House of Design to find out if she could help me with this project. Upholstering a bench is a pretty straight forward process but I was …

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DIY or HIO {reupholstered midcentury couch}

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Today’s post starts us off on a trip down memory lane. Remember this post? Our first Friday five when I shared some of my current furniture and home decor obsessions. One of my obsessions was Adrian Pearsall couch makeovers, like this one shared on Apartment Therapy: Or like the one in Emily Henderson’s living room. You all should click over and see her living room- it’s to.die.for. Of course she now has a new house and will be sharing all of her styling of that house- makes me want to become a hairball on her floor so I can just bask in the beautifulness! Ok, ok, I digress. Back to beautiful midcentury couches. Much like the mantra of that book The Secret (which I’ll admit I never read so this analogy might be totally off), if you put it out there in the universe it will happen. So I put …

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Reupholstery Project {wicker couch}

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  I have no idea how or when this wicker couch appeared in our lives. I remember my sister having it in her little bungalow as a newlywed.  My guess is my mother picked up this 1920’s gem at an auction at some point in the 1980’s.  Throughout my childhood she was always coming home with amazing finds (that would usually leaving my dad with steam pouring out of his ears). In it’s first reincarnation, my sister painted it dark green & added floral cushions – it was 1990 after all!  By the time I got it as a newlywed myself  in 1996 it was ready for another life.  I left the green paint and redid the cushions in a large print gingham. And this is what the wicker couch looked like on it’s third reincarnation with our family. Ok, it really didn’t look disgusting when it came home from …

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Blue steel chair

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Yes, I have perfected my blue steel look. And if you aren’t catching my Zoolander reference then might I request, no insist, that you watch that movie stat. And be sure to have a few cocktails while watching it otherwise you might think that it’s just a silly movie. But after a few cocktails it will be pure comedic genius! Moving on, this post isn’t going to be all about Zoolander and his reading school for ants (okay, okay, no more references). Today I’m going to show you a little Steelcase chair re-do that I just finished up. I found two Steelcase chairs on Craig’s List for $150. When I went to first look at them I wasn’t completely sold on paying $150 for both so I walked away and about a week later checked in to see if they were still for sale. Luckily they were and I was …

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Put a bird on it

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I hope by now y’all know what I’m referring to when I say, “put a bird on it”. If not, first take a look at this clip from Portlandia: So just like Hansel, birds are so hot right now. But moving on to how birds relate to this post, it all began when I picked up two wicker back barrel chairs from a random little store that was closing down. I’m kind of a sucker for these chairs. They are totally midcentury and are usually pretty easy to reupholster. Of course I don’t have a complete before picture of these chairs but they looked pretty similar to this chair, which yes, is another one that I picked up and have yet to recover. It’s fine, we’re friends, I’m ready to share my barrel chair addiction with you. I actually have redone these chairs two times, because yes, they are that …

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