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Thursday Ten {houseplants}

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Do you guys ever feel like the air in your house needs to be purified? Given that I have three kids and one who still likes to poop in anything but a toilet, I’m always feeling that fresh air is needed in my house. Houseplants are a great way to infuse fresh oxygen into your house, but let’s be real, I’ve never even considered this benefit of a plant when filling my house up with leafy green things. I just like plants for bringing natural texture to a room and filling up pretty vases to sit on things. Taller plants are also a great way to bring height to a room and break up the lines of a space. I don’t claim to have a green thumb and keeping plants alive is certainly a trial and error process for me. I’ve found that watering once a week is the right …

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The other bitch’s backyard & DIY outdoor curtains

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When we first moved in, our backyard was a small concrete patio, some grass and rock borders. It was boring and as basic as you could get. The first two years in the house we were too busy concentrating on indoor projects to really bother with the backyard. Starting last summer we’ve finally been getting down to business out there.  This is where we’re at right now on the backyard project. Last year our big move on the back area was extending the patio, adding more landscaping & trees and building a pergola. That was definitely a hire it out situation. We’d probably still have raw lumber laying in our backyard if we attempted it ourselves. This year the goal was to make the backyard more livable and inviting. First up was the outdoor rug. I wanted to anchor the sitting area and bring in a bit more interest. Ok …

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The making of a deck {spanning the inside with the outside}

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I know what you’re thinking- really Erin, another post about the deck! If you guys drank every time I said deck this week then I’m sure you’d be experiencing a major hangover about now. There was just so much to talk about and so many beautiful pictures from Sugar Photography to show! And in case you’ve missed my previous posts, you can find the plans for the deck here, a post about the railings and pergola posts here, and a post on the deck furniture and accessories here. Today I’m gonna wrap things up by sharing how we made our deck super accessible from the inside of our house by adding in some large sliding French doors. Once we had the plans for the deck in place we quickly realized how awesome it would be if we could bridge the gap (literally those three windows seen in above picture) between …

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The making of an outdoor area {furniture, lighting, speakers, accessories}

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Let’s continue on our tour of the deck today and talk about the stuff on the deck, you know the furniture, cafe lighting, flowers, etc. And in case you missed the previous posts on the deck you can read all about the planning of the space here, the railings and pergola posts here, and the new French doors leading out to the deck here. This deck was large (35 ft) and we planned to have two “spaces” within the deck. One space would be our eating area and the other half would be a more lounge part. So for furniture we needed at least a dining table with 6 chairs, a sofa/sectional and maybe some club chairs as well. We wanted to be sure that we could host up to 20 people outside and have room for most to sit and eat. I did a lot of looking around online for …

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The making of an outdoor area {the railings and posts}

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**All photographs (except for the very crappy and hodge podged together “before” picture are from the lovely Jennifer at Sugar Photography).** Today I want to show y’all some more of our new party deck, and for me these were the fun things to plan when building. If you missed Monday’s post, check it out here for some before shots of the space, see all the deck furniture and accessories here, and find out how we created al fresco dining here. It’s hard to even recognize that sad patch of concrete that lived here before the party deck. The next part of the deck that I want to share/talk/drone on about is the posts and the railings for the space. I’m pretty proud of these elements as they were sort of visions in my head that might have gone terribly wrong when put into the space, but luckily I think they …

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