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The Friday Five {old is new again trends}

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Everything has it’s time. And then it seems like it has its time again. Like the resurgence of the Moscow Mule. Originally a favorite in 1940’s Hollywood it’s definitely the drink of the moment. Again. How about the speak easy culture? Oh yeah, back with a vengeance. What’s not to love about a the mystique of the back alley or underground entrances and perfectly crafted cocktails. We Bitches certainly love our local version of the speakeasy, Social. And could I possibly forget about bacon’s comeback? I tried to go vegetarian but it was the lure of bacon that did me in. Now I prefer the bacon Bloody Mary. The old as new is huge in the design world right now and that’s what I’ve really got on my mind today (well… and bacon too of course). This is my top five of the big retro trends that I don’t ever …

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The Friday Five {summer fun with kids}

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I’m doing an experiment this summer – it’s called not overscheduling my kids.  I hope I survive.  Generally I have them signed up most weeks for at least three days of camp and then they usually go to my parents’ house for a couple weeks. They do swim team on top of that and whatever else I can cram in. This year we are lying low. I have yet to sign either of the big kids up for a full day camp (although I am still contemplating it).  No trip to Camp Bop this year (the grandkids all call my Dad “Bop”) as my parents are in the middle of a move. No swim team – after hating it for three years I finally relented.  This might very well be the summer that their mom completely loses it. I’m sorry to say that I am not one of those moms …

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The Friday Five {March} – Is that a juju on your wall?

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When we first met 3 years ago I was like a giddy school girl flush with new love.  It was all fresh and exciting and well, to be honest, fulfilling in a way nothing every had before. The honeymoon lasted until this fall when, I just didn’t have the same enthusiasm.  I didn’t find myself stealing away for 5 or 10 minutes when no one was looking and then, by Christmas I was ready for a break. It was me – I had changed. I was busy with other things and just couldn’t make the time. The last couple of weeks I rekindled the flame and that old excitement is back. Pinterest, I’m sorry; I do still love you!  via Love Maegan Without you Pinterest I would still be randomly wandering the web. You have given me direction and new ways to lust. If not for Pinterest I would never …

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The Friday Five {February}

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As this post hits the interwebs I should be buckling into my skis for the first run on our girls’ ski weekend! The 2nd annual weekend is in Steamboat and I can’t wait for some skiing, drinking, and laughs with my lady friends! Keeping with our theme on Wednesday for what we want in a ski lodge, I thought I would share 5 drink recipes that would be perfect for aprés ski! 1. Basil Blood Mary 2. Cardamom Moscow Mule 3. Spiked apple cider floats 4. Spiced pear collins 5. Basil vodka gimlet Any of these drinks would be amazing after a day on the slopes! But in reality, I’ll probably hit the bar and order a Fat Tire. I swear, Fat Tire is best when served on draft in a bar at the base of a mountain! What is your go-to drink after a day in the cold?

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The Friday Five {Favorites Blogs of Alt Summit 2014}

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Today we wanted to put a different spin on our monthly Friday Fives. Instead of sharing our favorite new products or decor pieces with you, we thought it would be fun to share 5 of our favorite blogs that we discovered while attending Alt Summit. One thing that was great about Alt Summit was finally getting to meet the real person behind the blogs that we read! There were even times when I was too star struck to actually go up to a famous blogger and introduce myself! Lame, right. But I felt like little old’ blogger me was too much of a small fry to ever possibly take up the time of big famous blogger. Totally, totally silly- no matter how large the blog or number of hits per month, the blogger is a human just like the rest of us. So if you ever run into one of …

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