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The other bitch’s backyard & DIY outdoor curtains

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When we first moved in, our backyard was a small concrete patio, some grass and rock borders. It was boring and as basic as you could get. The first two years in the house we were too busy concentrating on indoor projects to really bother with the backyard. Starting last summer we’ve finally been getting down to business out there.  This is where we’re at right now on the backyard project. Last year our big move on the back area was extending the patio, adding more landscaping & trees and building a pergola. That was definitely a hire it out situation. We’d probably still have raw lumber laying in our backyard if we attempted it ourselves. This year the goal was to make the backyard more livable and inviting. First up was the outdoor rug. I wanted to anchor the sitting area and bring in a bit more interest. Ok …

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The making of an outdoor area {furniture, lighting, speakers, accessories}

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Let’s continue on our tour of the deck today and talk about the stuff on the deck, you know the furniture, cafe lighting, flowers, etc. And in case you missed the previous posts on the deck you can read all about the planning of the space here, the railings and pergola posts here, and the new French doors leading out to the deck here. This deck was large (35 ft) and we planned to have two “spaces” within the deck. One space would be our eating area and the other half would be a more lounge part. So for furniture we needed at least a dining table with 6 chairs, a sofa/sectional and maybe some club chairs as well. We wanted to be sure that we could host up to 20 people outside and have room for most to sit and eat. I did a lot of looking around online for …

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The B’s did pot {flower workshop recap}

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Two weeks ago, on a seriously lovely Sunday afternoon, the Bitches hosted their second flower workshop with the ladies from Lace and Lilies. It was a BYOP workshop (bring your own pot) and the pot we were referring to was an outdoor pot. Lace and Lilies came over and taught 10 ladies how to make a kick ass outdoor pot arrangement. We learned about the watering needs of plants (how to tell when parched vs. bloated), the old filler, spiller, and thriller rule for arranging flowers, and about maintaining beautiful blooms all summer long! The first rule in hosting a flower workshop is to make sure there is a signature drink for the event. For this event we made peach ginger margaritas. Super easy to make, just mix up frozen peaches, ginger root, and premade margarita mix (we suggest Coyote Gold) in your blender until desired consistency is reached. We …

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How does her garden grow

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Have I mentioned yet that where we live in Colorado is really sunny. Like burn your corneas, turn your skin to leather, and make you look like this sunny. What does one do with this amount of sunshine? Besides load up on the best  SPF that money can buy, one might want to plant a garden to take advantage of the rays. And that’s just what I did this summer. When we bought our house there was a fenced off area that the previos owners used as a dog corral. My dogs insist on living a more pampered life and therefore were not having any of this stepping in pebbles and peeing on anything other than plush grass. While I thought the OK corral might be perfect for keeping some chickens (or children) in, once again Mr. Bitch put the kibosh on that idea. Instead, it now holds two raised …

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DIY or HIO {flower boxes}

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One trait that I got from my mother is the love of flowers in the summer. I certainly don’t have the green thumb or total dedication to flowers as she does, but I do enjoy surrounding my house with blooming colors. We already shared with y’all how we’ve brought color to our houses using flowers in pots. Today I’m going to share a little project that I hired out in hopes of bringing colorful flowers to the boring railings on my front porch. I’ve seen tutorials out there for building your own flower boxes. And I’ve got to say, it looks pretty easy to DIY flower boxes. After all, they are just a box (mind in the gutter now, singing “It’s my $%&* in a box”). Only problem for me DIY’ing these, I didn’t have all the tools necessary nor did I have a huge desire to make these. Plus …

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