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She’s Crafty {Amy Howard Lacquer Paints}

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* I received free Amy Howard at Home Lacquer for Furniture in exchange for reviewing their product. All opinions are my own.  About a year ago I picked up this little beauty up on Craig’s List. Everything was perfect – the lines, the hardware, the lacquer, the whole chinoiserie-ness of it. Everything was perfect except the color. Sage is a fine color for sure but not one that was going to work in my home. I planned to change it up but I wanted to keep the lacquer finish. Except everything I’ve read about DIY lacquer sounded like it would take fifty steps and then just maybe it might come out with a decent lacquer finish. It took me the full year I had the piece to psych myself up to start the refinishing project. Then Erin came to the rescue when she found Amy Howard at Home Furniture Lacquer. The …

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A Georgia Getaway

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I’m on the plane home from another fun weekend trip.  This time around it was my mother’s 70th birthday.  My siblings and I flew in to spend celebrate the big day with her and my father.  No spouses.  No children.  It hasn’t been just the six of us in more years that I care to contemplate.  Even more fun was that I was the only who knew my sister was coming.  That was a great surprise for everyone else. But, on top of being with family, it was also a great time to experience some southern goodness.  It started with a delicious lunch at Home Grown. It’s a funky little unassuming Atlanta restaurant with an urban garden past its parking lot, seriously good southern food and a guy in the back playing a xylophone over lunch.   I resisted the pull of the fried chicken and went for the crab hash …

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DIY {a little gold leaf goes a long way}

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  Did you catch my gold frame covered powder bath on Monday? With 26 frames & 9 more needed to finish it up, framing this many pictures doesn’t come cheap. And I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this project.  I’ve manage to find most of the pictures in inexpensive ways. The pink flamingo, my newest addition, was from a portfolio of Audubon’s work on clearance at Barne’s and Noble for $12. The pigeon was an etsy find for $16. The silhouette I made of my son. The photo of Monet’s house (above the toilet) I took myself. The other pictures I’ve had for a while. This wall is mostly paintings by my mother-in-law did, an engagement photo of a really young couple! vintage wallpaper, a couple gifts & another etsy find. (I did spend $67 on the oil of the unibrow Italian girl but that was …

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From Trash to Treasure {beach house tray}

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Every summer we have the good fortune to go to my parents’ beach house and hang with my parents, my siblings and their families.  Each year I like to bring my mother something fun for the beach house.  This year it was a new tray for serving some yummy summer drinks (of course beautiful presentation always makes drinks taste even better). You know what I love best about this tray?  It cost about $2.00 to make!  My sister had given me the tray probably 15 years ago for Christmas.  It came on a stand and we used it as a side table in our living room.  Taste change and the tray just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  I almost put it out at a yard sale but fortunately I had an epiphany the night before and pulled it from the pile.  (And sorry, once again this would be a …

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When a bee leaves the pack

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Say what you will about suburbs and their houses parked right next to each other- but if you like your neighbors and are cool with everyone hearing you yell at your kids then this suburban life may be perfect for you. And I have to say, I love our suburban neighborhood! The b’s that live within a two block radius of me are all super cool gals who like to drink as much as myself, and are nice enough to let us into their homes and tell them what they need to redecorate. But all of this is to say, we are losing one of our neighborhood b’s. Our neighbor Jacqueline is moving to North Carolina for a super job promotion for her husband. And as much as we will all miss Jacq, we know that she will love being back in NC where they lived before moving out to …

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