Dinner and a movie at home

Once upon a time in a land far, far away my prince charming and I loved getting out for a romantic dinner followed by a night at the movies. It’s the quintessential date night and that’s exactly what we did on our first date. Ok maybe the dinner part didn’t quite work out that night (it’s a long story!) so instead we settled for diet cokes at McDonald’s. Not exactly the most romantic of first dates but we’ve been together a LONG time since then so something went right that night!


These days the idea of getting out for dinner and a movie is mere fantasy. I honestly have no idea the last time we did both. Although I’d be in favor of occasional outings Mr. Man can’t quite stomach the idea of paying a babysitter to watch the kids while we sit, not talking, in a dark theater. I guess I can see his point but I still miss nights out that included dinner plus a movie.

We’ve come up with an alternative that’s a great fit for this phase of our lives; dinner and a movie now takes place on the home front. We pack the kids off to the basement with a big bowl of popcorn to watch their own flick while we take over the family room and create an evening that in someways is even better than getting out.

First up is creating a table setting that could rival the finest restaurant:

Dinner and a Movie Night with Wayfair // Suburban B's

Step two: adding a nice bottle of red, sparkly glasses, pretty brass silverware and shining lights:

Dinner and a Movie Night with Wayfair // Suburban B's

Step three: loading the table up with lots of yummy appetizers served up on white platters:

Dinner and a Movie Night with Wayfair // Suburban B's 1324

Step four: getting comfy in our pj’s then sitting back and enjoying the film and all that food!

Dinner and a Movie Night with Wayfair // Suburban B's 1354

When Wayfair asked me to partner with them on how we do “Dinner and a Movie at Home” and to create an idea board I was more than happy to oblige! What’s more fun than sharing ways to enjoy time together even when you can’t escape the house or the kids? If you’re looking to celebrate a night in with dinner and a movie here’s my tips on everything you need to make that happen from Wayfair.

Our movie that night was The Finest Hours. Other movies we’ve liked lately are A Royal Night Out, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Night Before and London Has Fallen. Hope you have a chance to enjoy a night on the couch with dinner, a movie and that special someone!




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11 Responses to Dinner and a movie at home

  1. Y’all are so cute! Looks like my kind of movie night!

  2. Deb Martino says:

    Spot on and awesome photos! What a great night “in”!!

  3. Kristy says:

    What a lovely table setting and food spread… mind if we double date! Ha! We could talk politics… LOL!

  4. Ellen Shook says:

    Works for me! And I have no kids at home anymore.

    P.S. I like those black/white check pants! I would like some for me.

  5. Jill Keogh says:

    I hardly recognized Scott! Looked for a minute like you had a stand-in!! I love that you got your hubby to pose in his pj’s. Raaaarrrrr! ❤❤

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