DIY Gotham City backdrop & superhero capes

DIY Gotham City superhero Backdrop | Suburban Bitches-3
On Monday we shared pictures of the superhero themed birthday party for our boys’ 3rd birthdays. We got a lot of the decorations from Minted for the party but Tricia and I both undertook one DIY project each for the party. I decided to DIY a Gotham City style backdrop, which was intended to have lots of pictures of toddlers dressed as superheroes pretending to fly above the city. Intended is the key word there, and those intentions were null and void as I didn’t snap any pictures in front of the backdrop. But it still was a great piece to bring the superhero theme throughout the house for the party. Overall this was a very easy project and cost around $20 to make.

First up, I bought a full sized flat sheet in a blue color to simulate the sky above Gotham City. And ultra soft of course- wouldn’t want Batman to chafe his bottom on it!

DIY Gotham City backdrop for superhero party |Suburban Bitches

I gave the sheet a quick press to get out the big wrinkles and then laid it out flat on the ground. Next, I took a yard of black felt and laid it on top of the sheet. To make the buildings I free hand drew the outline of the buildings with white chalk on the black felt.
DIY Gotham City backdrop for superhero party |Suburban Bitches

Then I cut out the buildings and went about glueing the buildings onto the sheet. Originally my plan was to hot glue the felt onto the sheet but it was too messy and was going to take a ton of glue. Instead I used fabric glue to attach the felt to the sheet.
DIY Gotham City backdrop for superhero party |Suburban Bitches

I cut out windows from yellow felt and glued those onto the buildings.
DIY Gotham City backdrop for superhero party |Suburban Bitches

Starting to look like a city, heh? Above the buildings I wanted words like Pow and Kazam like you would see in the comic books. For some of the words I just did a Google image search and came across what I was looking for. But I also wanted our boys’ names in the same sort of font and style and obviously Google didn’t give me those results. Instead my superhero friend Kari Joy (be sure to check out her blog, she is very talented!) came to the rescue and whipped up the boys’ names for me!

DIY Gotham City backdrop for superhero party |Suburban Bitches

I printed the words out on regular paper and then cut out the shapes and glued it onto red felt pieces. To hang the backdrop I used Command velcro strips. I found that the Command strip didn’t want to stick to the sheet very well since the whole thing was kind of heavy. I ended up stapling the Command strip onto the sheet and it held great then! Overall the project probably took about an hour to complete and was technically as easy as they come!
DIY Gotham City backdrop for superhero party |Suburban Bitches

Intentions seems to be the operative word for this post. I had every intention of taking pictures of our little superheroes zooming around the Erin’s backyard during the boys’ party. Nope. Never happened. These are the only pictures I got of the capes.

A couple pre-birthday shots –

superhero cape ~ suburban bitches

I think this is his superhero pose.


In addition to the superman capes I also created girly-girl capes (thanks for the photos Jennifer Little!) –

Tricia's Cape-2

Tricia's Cape-3

and batman capes.

superhero capes ~ suburban bitches

I used this tutorial from How Does She as my guide for cape making.  To create the individualized superhero symbol on the capes I download Paul’s super font from dafont.  I blew up each initial as large as I could get it on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  I printed the initials out on cardstock & carefully cut the initials out with an x-acto knife.  Using the card stock initials as a template, I traced the letters out onto felt.   For the round background behind the initials I traced a round 8″ plate on to a piece of felt to use .  I sewed the circles on with a contrasting thread & used fabric glue to adhere the initials on top.

This was a super easy project too.  It was just a matter of creating twelve of these suckers that took quite a bit of time!  I also solemnly swear on my superhero decoder ring to be better about taking photos of my next birthday project!



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