Friday Five {February}

Hi everyone – hope you’re Friday”s off to a good start! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Five and as I’ve got a small window of time it’s the perfect post for today.  Friday is shaping up to be a ultimate suburban bitch day – I’m starting off by getting my hair done did. That’s a half day affair when you’ve got as much crazy hair as I do! Then there’s the afternoon drinking party followed by the evening wine tasting party. Yep. It’s rough here in the ‘burbs.

Usually the Friday Five has a theme like summer fun with kids, blogs to follow or current obsessions. Today’s is strictly based on random thoughts as that’s what my brain is all about right now.

1. Check out Henry!

So this is really making my day! Sweet Julia is featuring Henry and me today on her blog Cuckoo 4 Design as part of her Living Pretty with Pets. Thanks Julia! Can you believe this big furry mass of love is still only 9 months old???


Friday Five - Henry

And yes – somehow he does manage to see even with all that fur!

2. Done is Fun

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately and too many things just never seem to make it to the top of my priority list. By the time I put the kids to bed I’m toast and all I’m good for is drinking a glass of wine, maybe watching an hour of tv and flopping into bed. Alison of the Alison Show just posted about her new moto of “Done is Fun” and I think I need to adopt that. I’d be a much more satisfied camper if I mustered the energy to cross something else off my to do list rather watch that hour of pointless TV. The wine however is non-negotiable.


3. This kitchen

I love, love, love, love, love everything House of Jade creates. This kitchen is no exception.

the Friday Five - HOJI_Mapleton_BeckyKimballPhoto_23

4. Robin Henry

I’m obsessing over this designer’s portfolio.

friday five - robin henry

5. Emily’s 2016 Predictions

How much longevity do current trends have? I’m happy to say Emily Henderson sees slipcovers as one that can hang out forever. That’s good as I’m never getting rid of them as long as I’ve got kids making messes and eating purple popsicles on white couches.

friday five - emily henderson slipcovered furniture

Happy Friyay!tricia




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2 Responses to Friday Five {February}

  1. Lynn says:

    Please, please. It that sweet dog’s hair. Yes he can see but think how much better with his eyes uncovered. Plus, you will be able to see his beautiful eyes. Please!

    • Thanks for your comment. We do try to pull his hair back but he immediately rips out whatever we put it in to hold it back. My daughter would like to show him and do agility training with him so that eliminates trimming it as a Briard’s hair grows fairly slowly after their puppy growth spurt.

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