The Friday Five {2015 Design Trends I can do}

So how many of you embraced 2014’s Pantone color of the year – Radiant Orchid? I’ve got a feeling the numbers on that are way low. I was not one of them. Likewise I don’t plan on doing much with Marsala – the 2015 color of the year.


I’m a dedicated wine drinker and Marsala is not in my wine repertoire and it isn’t going into my decorating one either. I can say the same of the olive, rust and aubergine that are all supposedly colors of the moment. I don’t really care how “in” a color is if it’s going to make me depressed,sad and just want to shove a brownie in my mouth.

But you know, every girl likes to be a tad trendy now and again. There are some 2015 design trends I can get on board with and maybe even hang with (thus losing any trendiness I might have) beyond the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

1. Blue 

Deep, stunning saturated blue. Startling blue. In your face blue. Of course I’ve always been on board for blue. This image has graced the cover of our Pinterest boardTricia’s Style” since the bitches started up on Pinterest.

blue room 1

I would be so up for a little blue cocoon room like this just in the spirit of being trendy of course. Here’s another one from my Pinterest board that I love.

And bring on the blue kitchen too.

Andrea's Kitchen

That image brings me to the next trend that I think is brilliant and should never leave us in its dust.

2. Gold

Gold everywhere – fixtures, hardware, lights, frames, furniture. Bring on your Midas touch.

I love this room for it’s perfect blending of the blue and gold trend.

Rose Gold in particular is supposed to be the way to go this year. Yeah, I could do a little of that as in these pendants.

But in general I’m sticking with just a healthy dose of gold whatever wherever I find a place to put it. Like any of these gold pendants.

Although this all-star gold kitchen might be too much for even me.

3. Green

The new thing in green is the Palm Tree.

As in replacing the fiddle leaf fig tree.

fiddle leaf

Well not in my house. The palm has been around forever and it’s not nearly as interesting as the fiddle leaf. Plus you can totally neglect a palm and they just keep living. Seriously – where’s the challenge in that? I want a fickle plant that I need to keep second guessing how I’m nurturing it just like my parenting.

But I do want to jump on the green bandwagon with the more organic aspect of green. Like bringing more natural wood elements into the home. Like this pedestal table. Get in my house now!


Photographed by Eric Striffler

Or this wood side table  by John Ross Design – come on over!
wood side table

4. Fusion

A mix of old, new, modern, fanciful, clean lines, ethnic and mainstream is big. I think the designer who does this best is Rosa Beltran Design. I know, I know, we mention her all the time but that’s because she is just that fabulous. I swear she is going to be the next big name in design!

Here are a few of my favorite Rosa rooms.

Definitely look for more gorgeous fusion rooms from this rising star!

5. Bar Carts

Bar cart – does that mean alcohol and ready access to mixed drinks plus something beautiful? Yep! I’m in on this one! We saw a big resurgence of the bar cart in the past year and don’t look for anything to change on that front anytime soon. I hope to release my inner Don Draper this year with a perfectly styled bar cart – I just need to figure out a corner of my house that it’ll work in and if I can trust my soon-to-be teenager with the easy access. I think I’ll live on the wild side and just carefully note the levels and the color in the bottles (I know all the little tricks I used as a teen). I can’t decide which of the Society Social bar carts I like more but expect a blog post one of these days on the one that ends up in my home!

Perhaps the hot pink.

ss worth pink

Or blue styling to stay on trend.

ss blue

Maybe with my favorite wallpaper.

ss green

Or maybe be in the round.

ss round

Whichever way I don’t think I can go wrong – as long as my kids don’t suck it all down.

Well that’s my take on the trends of 2015. Anything that’s really jumping out at you? Or any really good trends I missed covering?


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