Friday Five {Halloween}

Right now I’m enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee picked up from one of the many nearby drive-thru coffee stands. Obviously I’m not at home because that’s the one thing missing from Fort Collins that would make it perfect. I thought I was going to die when I first move to Colorado, I had a newborn and had no easy access to a skinny vanilla latte.

I’m in the land of coffee, wine, wild waves and snow capped mountains otherwise known as Oregon for the weekend and you can bet I’ll be heading to a coffee stand at least once a day. We get to stay at my friend Lyn’s house again. Do you remember our Peeping Bitches’ tour of her house from last year? Lyn is the queen of Halloween decorating and staying at her house has me finding my missing Halloween spirit.

1. Halloween Cocktails To really get yourself in the right frame of mind for a big night of Trick or Treating you need a fun Halloween beverage.

Like a Black Heart 

the black heart

a Screwed Up Shooter

screwed up

Or a Witches’ Potion

witches brew

And what Halloween party wouldn’t be better with a pumpkin keg?


Any of these look perfect for walking around in the ‘hood or recovering from the whole Trick or Treat thing. Or better yet – for livening up a Halloween party.

2. Pumpkins

What would Halloween be without pumpkins? Gone are the day of the traditional old boring jack o’lantern – today you keep to step up your pumpkin decorating skills!

If you want to start simply go for the house number pumpkin. As we haven’t even bought a pumpkin yet I see this one happening next weekend on our front walk. This one’s fake but I’d go for the real.

house number pumpkin

I’ve seen a lot of pumpkins used as flower vases this season but I love this unique take on pumpkins and flowers.

pumpkin flowers

It would transform a fall tablescape or be a fun unsuspected bit of prettiness out for Halloween.

If you want to stick with the pretty and not get your hands dirty with pumpkin guts you could go for the gold spray paint and lace (you know, it is gold spray paint so I might have to try this one too!).

lace pumpkins

You could stick with the whole gold theme and do a monochromatic porch decor.

gold front porch

If you want cute and country how about carving a “scary” mason jar?

mason jar

3. Halloween Eats

Doesn’t Halloween deserve some good food beyond all those little pieces of candy? Like maybe I should start the day off as the perfect suburban mom and send my kids off to school after a hearty breakfast of Pumpkin Cream Cheese French Toast.

pumpkin french toast

We can finish off the day because all that candy just won’t be enough sugar with this tasty Swirled Pumpkin Cheese Cake. Plus what day isn’t made better by bookending it with cream cheese?

pumpkin cheesecake

I also love to cook savory pumpkin dishes like this white bean and sausage pumpkin soup – and yes in the little pumpkins to make it extra fancy pants.

white bean soup


Or a yummy fall pasta dish like this rigatoni with roasted pumpkin and goat cheese.


4. Adult costumes Do you hate coming up with costumes for you and your hubby after everything you’ve already done for Halloween? I’ll not willing to go out and buy something but I don’t want to put a ton of effort into a DIY homemade costume. Here’s a few costume ideas I found that are easy and yet outside the normal costume range.

How’s this for the creepy factor that is still totally easy? I swear Martha Stewart definitely kicks ass on all things Halloween.

spider girl

One year when my hair was very long I went as Cousin It. I was never a huge fan or even particularly liked the Adams Family but the show definitely makes for good and easy costumes. This year it might be Wednesday Adams for me.


But I think I’m leaning towards this Sugar Skull DIY from Twist Me Pretty. How fabulous is that?

sugar skull

The Sugar Skull idea has me grooving on ideas for category number 5!

5. Day of the Dead The kids are kind of trumping Halloween this year for adults what with it falling on a Friday night and all. Why not wait and celebrate an extra holiday with a Day of the Dead party on Saturday night?

You could dress up as that dead couple with your honey.

dead couple

Or you could settle for a quick face painting.


facepaint 2

Food? Why Mexican of course. And maybe these cute skeleton cookies for dessert.


Decorations? Skulls of course. In the form of pinatas


Skull cutouts


and balloons.


Add some colorful flowers and you’ve got an easy party in the making!

day of the dead flowers

What tricks do you have up your sleeve for Halloween? We’d love to hear about them!


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