Friday Five {kitchen favorites}

Sorry for the silence on my end this week. I had a pretty busy week working at Everitt and Schilling, doing fun things like picking out 3 different finish options for some really cool houses that are getting built. I’ve been learning how fun it can be to pick out tile, countertops, wood flooring, etc for other people! At first I thought that by taking this job at a seriously beautiful showroom filled with amazing products I’d come home each night ready to re-do every room in my house but luckily that hasn’t happened! Now I get to express my creativity with clients and their remodels- and the best part is that I don’t have to spend my own money!!

In my own home things are moving along with the kitchen remodel. Yesterday my AMAZING carpenter came over and started installing the upper cabinets. Here’s a sneak peek for y’all:


I can’t believe how much these upper cabinets make the room feel bigger. Somehow bridging that gap between the lower cabinets and the ceiling has brought the eye up and highlighted the high ceilings in the kitchen. Next week the whole process of cabinet painting begins. I’m starting to get nervous about painting these cabinets. I have lots of confidence in the company I chose to paint my cabinets- I’m just wondering if I chose the right color??? Painting these cabinets is going to totally change the whole room- let’s just hope the change is a positive one!!!

While spending too much time thinking about kitchens this week, here are 5 things kitchen related that are too good not to share.

1. Macauba Quartzite countertops

Yes, my search for the perfect countertop is still on-going. I have officially ruled marble out after seeing etching in person. I had a serious heart-to-heart with myself and reminded my fun loving self that the anal part of me would always hate seeing an etch mark in marble. Then I saw these beautiful quartzite countertops recently installed in the kitchen remodel over at Yellow Brick Home.

Photo Courtesy of Yellow Brick Home

Photo Courtesy of Yellow Brick Home

After seeing this countertop I was sure that my search was over. This quartzite countertop had the look I was going for with durability that pleased my anal side. And then I called the only place in town which carries quartzite and found out that this stone is way more expensive than the quartz I was looking at. Whomp whomp- my dreams were crushed and the countertop search continues.

2. Spanish kitchen remodel
This kitchen remodel by Emily Henderson is something you have to see. The style is totally different than mine, but mainly because Spanish wouldn’t fit in well with my Colorado home. But put me out in California and I’d rock a Spanish inspired kitchen like this anyday!!

Spanish kitchen remodel by Emily Henderson

Photo courtesy of Style by Emily Henderson


3. Cement tiles in the kitchen
Taking a cue from Emily Henderson and that Spanish kitchen, I presented a cement tile option for a kitchen backsplash to a client this week. This three dimensional tile from Stonemar that we just started carrying at Everitt and Schilling has me longing to see it put into someone’s kitchen. Ready to put it in your kitchen? Just give me a shout!

Marta 3D vintage cement tile by StoneMar


4. Live edge wood countertop

Live edges are trending right now. Or at least they are in my world. I mean look at this kitchen island countertop with a waterfall live edge! And this feature on their kitchen is from 2012- so clearly these guys are trendsetters!

Photo courtesy of Dwell

Photo courtesy of Dwell

5. Using your kitchen to cook in

Another new trend in our kitchen right now- cooking in it! Bad timing to start all this cooking since next week we’re pretty much unable to use it. I started the Advocare 24 day challenge which is basically a plan to get you clean eating and detoxing your body of all the gummy bears I’ve fed it over the past 36 years. I’m sure that gummy bears could live in hidden crevices in your body for that long, along with some Twinkies from my youth. I started this past Tuesday, which makes today day 4. No coffee, alcohol, added sugar, processed food, or any food that has been gummified. Less strict than Paleo or Whole 30 as come complex carbs are allowed. So far, so good. I have had to cook way more than I’m used to and planning meals in advance. I think this weekend will be the hardest since weekends are normally the time I like to indulge. I took some before pictures and I’m hoping to have some great results to share with all of you. That is unless I fall off the wagon into a vat of sour patch kids.

Happy Friday!!!


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2 Responses to Friday Five {kitchen favorites}

  1. Elaine says:

    How do you know what color to paint the cabinets if you don’t have the counter top yet?

  2. Maisie says:

    So funny….we’re using the white macauba in our basement bar with grey cabinets. 😉