How does a bitch like Erin define her style?

On Friday we all got to see how Tricia defines her style and then incorporates it into her home. And today it’s my turn at this. First let’s travel down memory lane to my first memory of a conscious design choice by myself. It was probably somewhere around 9th grade, when I begged my mom to let me paint the ceiling in my sweet basement room. I might have already sponge painted the walls of my bedroom (gah, remember when that was in style!) or the sponge painting might have come later. Either way, my mom gave me the green light and I painted my ceiling an oh-so-realistic version of the sky. And that my friends, is one example of how I define my style:

1. Bring aspects of the outdoors inside the home

nature mixed with metals


2. Mix up rustic, industrial, and midcentury pieces

And like Tricia, I try to mix up different styles within a room and throughout the house. The main styles that I use are midcentury, rustic, and industrial pieces. And the color gray. In fact, I’ve got a serious addiction to gray. When I try to think of a color to paint a wall, the only color that comes to mind is a shade of gray (and now insert your own 50 shades of gray joke). Just recently I tried to paint a room a shade of off-white and guess what it ended up being, a shade of off-white that looked an awful lot like light gray! I also am starting to really enjoy midcentury design and furniture. I’ve found that the clean, sleek lines of that era really match up well with my design aesthetic and when you buy furniture from that era you are getting well-built, solid wood pieces for the most part. I get most of my midcentury pieces off of Craig’s list and luckily enough, Colorado has a pretty good turnover of these pieces. Unfortunately though, midcentury designs are coming back into style so prices are starting to rise on these pieces but still you pay far less than you would for solid wood furniture purchased new.


modern lamp

3. Buy it old, make it your own

This is perhaps my bread and butter of designing for my house. There is nothing I love more than finding a great deal on a piece of furniture that just needs some TLC and a vision for what it could be. When we bought our current house I decided to give myself a super tiny budget for decorating just so I would be forced to scour Craig’s list, garage sales, and antique stores for pieces that I could refinish. And while certain items (ahem, the giant sectional) blew my budget, there are lots of pieces in my house that I feel pride in because I paid so little for them and love how they turned out.

refinished buffetoffice chair

office chairs

4. Mix patterns, add color, bring in texture

Here is perhaps, where I struggle the most. I once read that you should have 10 different patterns/fabrics in any one room. People that can seamlessly integrate 10 different fabrics into a room are right up there with Gahndi in my book. It’s hard people! But I like challenges and one day hope that I can bring in color and patterns without batting an eye.

pop of color mixing patternstexture fluffy pillow


5. And last but not least, adopt as many ceramic animals as you can into your home.

After all, what’s better than a pet that you don’t have to feed or take for walks. Go ahead, put one in every room!

ceramic animals

So there you have it, a list of ways that I define my home decorating style (you will soon find out that I’m big into lists!). Our home is fairly new to us so I’m still coming into my own with how I want to furnish and decorate the space. But that is what’s great about finding pieces second-hand or making them yourself, it’s not quite a pill to swallow when you decide that they don’t work and you have to get rid of them.

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4 Responses to How does a bitch like Erin define her style?

  1. Joni Gunn says:

    You bitches rock. I love both your houses.

    • trishaC says:

      Thank you fellow bitch! Now if you could just turn me into a gardening bitch…

      • Erin says:

        Becoming a gardening bitch isn’t quite as easy- I inherited that gene from my mom. But our mission this summer will be to get at least one decent tomato from your plant!

  2. Sandra says:

    Enjoyed browsing your blog and discovering your ‘b’ style….can’t seem to type the ‘b’ word! I’ve signed up for more of your awesomeness! Sandra