I’m back! A trip to Palm Springs & a drag show later

TA DA! Did you like that disappearing act? It’s like I’m a magician or something! And now I’m back. It was a crazy few weeks including a trip to Palm Springs, a drag show, a surgery, a sickness and lots of white walls.

The little one had his tonsils out (I think this picture was post purple popsicle) –


Those poor cheeks! It was a rough few days but fortunately he had a mostly quick and easy recovery. For him the worst part was not eating Cheezits for two weeks and for me it was that his cute deep little gravely voice is gone.

My daughter had the stomach flu for five days at the same time Charlie was recovering from the tonsillectomy. Let me tell you – good times all around.

When I wasn’t taking care of my two sickos I was painting walls white like a crazy person. I can’t get enough of that Benjamin Moore Simply White.

white walls

It feels so much fresher and cleaner in my house. I love it! Just don’t look up.


Yeah there’s  still some yellow that needs to get covered over. I need to figure out how I’m going to paint the tippy top of those 19′ walls. Looks like I’ll be risking life and limb with an extension ladder although that’s something that should probably wait until a day when there are at least two adults in the house so that when I fall and break a leg someone can take me to the hospital. That means I’m living with the ghetto walls for at least another two weeks.

The last few weeks haven’t been all caregiving and wall painting though – we actually did manage to squeeze in some serious fun with a girls’ weekend to Palm Springs. Erin and I joined up with 21 other friends (and my sister!) for three days of fun and sun.


Of course a getaway is always fun and checking off another locale on the bucket list isn’t a bad gig either but what I hadn’t expected was how much I was going to love Palm Springs. What a great town! Deserts and hot aren’t really my thing but there was just something about Palm Springs. I can’t wait to go back again but maybe with Mr. Man and be all romantic and stay at L’Horizon or Sparrows Lodge.

This round we stayed at The Saguaro Hotel. It’s a brightly colored mod midcentury motel that’s been nicely updated. It’s by no means a 5 star hotel but it’s definitely a comfy 3 star. The guest rooms and baths are, like the rest of the hotel, bright and fun and clean but definitely tend towards the utilitarian side. The beds and pillows were comfortable and the bedding included triple sheeting and that’s all I really need in a hotel room. After all, the only time we were really in the room was when we were sleeping (or maybe I should call it passed out).


The biggest plus of the Saguaro is the pool area.  We spent afternoons there kicking back enjoying the sun and more drinks and laughs than maybe we should have.


I also loved the quiet of the pool post morning run.

The restaurant/bar scene in Palm Springs rocks in a crazy amazing way. We did our best to check out as much as we could.

We dined at the Workshop


Norma’s at the Parker Hotel




the Ace Hotel

ace hotel

and El Jefe.

el jefe

Each restaurant had a distinct vibe and the food everywhere was incredible. Thank goodness for all the hikes in Indian Canyons, walking all over and runs otherwise I don’t think a stitch of clothes would have fit when I walked in my front door.

Indian Canyons was a must do again – have you ever seen crazy palm trees like this? I thought I’d step foot into a Dr. Seuss book!


The other must do again of the trip was the drag show. Have you ever been to one?

Here’s Tina Turner strutting her stuff in a blurry iphone sort of way.


It was one of the highlights of the trip. We all thought it would be a good laugh but I think we all loved it far more than we ever thought we would. And when the performers all stripped off the dresses, wigs and makeup to show that underneath all that glam they’re just regular guys some of us were moved to tears. It really is all about what’s under that exterior package.


Drag show and all I’m ready to head back to Palm Springs! And now that I’ve got all the surgery fun (x two in one month), sickness, wall painting and girls’ trip out of the way I am ready to hunker down and get back to this blog! We’ve got some fun things lined up in the next month so be sure to pop back by to see all the fun!






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  1. well deserved vacation after taking care of all the kiddos. palm springs looks fantastic!

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