One project, two takes {Paint-a-Pillow} & the January Year of Change


Many people I talk to are often scared to take on DIY/home craft projects. Sometimes I get it. If it involves power tools there is always the fear of slicing a finger off. Or other projects are so time consuming that you throw in the towel and either hire someone to do it or pay a higher price to get an already made item. Pillows are one of those things. Do you guys know that pillows are really easy to make? It is just sewing two squares of fabric together and if you want to get fancy you can insert a zipper in the pillow case also. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t know how to sew there is another way that you can get custom pillows in your home.

Recently we were contacted by our friends at Cutting Edge Stencils and asked if we would like to review a new project they had created called Paint A Pillow. As the name implies, the products they have created are kits you can purchase to paint a pillow using a supplied stencil and paint. We have used stencils numerous times in the past to add some instant visual interest to a room, like in Tricia’s closet, my basement, a mudroom, and in my daughter’s bedroom. We love stencils for their ease of use (truth: it does take some practice) and for how economical it is as compared to wallpapering a room. Paint A Pillow has created stencils that are perfectly sized for pillows with patterns that are the right scale for a pillow. On their website you can pick out a pattern that you want to stencil onto a white pillow along with the colors of paint that you would like to use on your pillow. Seriously an easy way to get custom pillows in the exact colors that you want! One pillow kit ($44.95) includes a down alternative pillow insert, the stencil, paint, and the actual pillow cover in a heavy white canvas fabric.

Paint a Pillow | suburban bitches


As for the actual part of painting your pillow- it is so super easy! You simple place the pillow cover over a piece of provided cardboard and then lay the stencil on top. Paint A Pillow has even made these gold metal clasps on the cardboard piece included that will hold the stencil down. Pretty much they have thought of everything so you can’t mess the project up. Then you can either roll the paint on or use a brush to paint it on (both are included in your kit). Foolproof I would say. And I think this could make a fun night with your girlfriends who are afraid of getting a little bit crafty. But just make sure you’ve got some wine handy or the party could turn lame. I chose the Drifting Arrows and Geo kits for my pillows. And here they are!

Paint a Pillow | suburban bitches


Paint a Pillow | suburban bitches


Paint a Pillow | suburban bitches


Tricia’s pillows

This was a great product to work with. I love the way way the kit came packaged and that I could feel super creative yet it only took about about 30 minutes from start through clean up to complete a pillow. I chose the Otami Rooster stencil for my pillows. I’ve always been obsessed with this pattern and I love how it turned out.

paint-a-pillow Otami Roosters // Suburban BItches


paint-a-pillow Otami Roosters // Suburban BItches

I did a second pillow too with the Otami print that is part of the transition in my little guy’s room. With this pillow I painted it and used the painted pattern as a template to embroidery the Otami pattern. I love the look of the otami embroidery and wanted to duplicate it.

otami pillow

The painting part of the pillow was quick and easy. Embroidering it is a different story. It’s going far slower that I had anticipated, but it sure makes for guilt-free TV watching when I’m busy creating!

This is what my pillow looks like after about 25 hours of embroidery. I still have a ways to go obviously but I think it’s going to be amazing when it’s finished.

paint-a-pillow Otami Roosters // Suburban BItches

On this one I’m going to include leather tassels that are available as part of the wide selection of embellishments Paint A Pillow has available to add to the pillows.

Did I mention I love Otami? I didn’t want to stop with just the two pillows and I realized there was so much more I could do with the stencil. To start with I made a print for my daughter’s bedroom. I used a small piece of canvas I had left from another project and my ubiquitous gold paint.

paint-a-pillow Otami Roosters // Suburban BItches

My daughter is happy to be sharing her room with her rooster roommates.

paint-a-pillow Otami Roosters // Suburban BItches

paint-a-pillow Otami Roosters // Suburban BItches

Oh and the wall behind the print is also a Cutting Edge Stencil (Little Diamonds All Over) – look for more on the girl room update next week.

Why stop there with the stencil? There are so many creative ways to use it. I think next Christmas’ wrapping paper is going to be an Otami print in a fun color. I’ll let you know!

The Year of Change Challenge – January

Year of Change

And it’s back! In keeping with our lying low to enjoy the holidays and our families we took a pass on The Year of Change Challenge in December. We’re now refreshed and ready to dive into a new project this month. All the same we still wanted to take on something that quick and easy yet brings big change with minimal effort. Keeping with the theme of this post we are going with paint glorious paint. I don’t think there’s anything else that gives you a bigger bang for your decorating buck and time then a can of paint.

Here are a few of my favorite paint transformations from over the past two years.

Our condo went from bachelor pad orange  with “gorgeous” oak cabinetry

kitchen view

to this.


Erin’s powder bath went from pale pink



to a rich moody little jewel of a room.

Restoration Hardware sink in powder bathroom | suburban bitches

And my guest room went from beige

guest bedroom before

to this grey that makes me so happy.

One Room Challenge guest room Cut-out Botanical art work // Suburban Bitches

Check back on the last Friday on the month to see how Erin & I and each of our Year of Change friends – Rosa Beltran Design, Life on Virginia Street and Commona My House took on for this challenge.  We’d love for you to join in the fun too! You can find out more about the Year of Change and see past projects here.

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