One Room Challenge Fall 2016 {week four}

And just like that we’re on to Week Four of the One Room Challenge. Thanks once again to Linda from Calling It Home for inviting Erin and I along for this crazy ride! Even a month into it we’re still beyond thrilled to be included with the other nineteen immensely talented designers.

With Week Four I’m feeling like I turned a corner and things are visibly starting to come together. If you missed out on the action over the last few weeks you can catch up here:




One of the best changes this week is that the mantel wall no longer looks like a bundle of 2 x 4’s! I’ve got actual drywall up!

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

My friendly neighborhood drywaller took care of that. Bob the drywaller literally lives down the street and sees it as his duty to keep the walls in our neighborhood looking good – even on a Sunday that’s his birthday. Thanks Bob!

Maybe you saw on Instagram earlier this week when I got very excited that my Lucent Lightshop Brass Orb Sconces were going up! Well… not so fast. My electrician was several hours more prompt than I expected. In fact he was one coat of paint too prompt so instead he’ll hang them on his next weekly visit. Here they are ready and waiting! I can’t even tell you how much I’m dying to see them up.

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

I love, love, love the Libby Langdon Jennings Chandelier from Crystorama. I love it even more now that it has a finished wall behind it.

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

The Kitchler Starburst Pendant also looks far better in daylight and  with Kelli Kroneberger taking the photos. In fact all my photos look better because she took them. Thanks Kelli!

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

My Minted Misty Hughes framed art prints are ready and waiting to be hung. I love Minted’s new matte brass frames. They were perfect for the look I was after for this ORC.

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

These three prints and the Metrie trimwork will be the focus of the long wall in my family room. Tomorrow I’ll get my carpenter’s undivided attention as he gets started on installing the wall moulding and the crown molding. Last night the husband and I were mapping out the moulding again. I’ve never been more thankful to be married to an engineer. I can tell him what I want and he figures out all the measurements. Good thing he’s also a patient man as I’ve changed up the design up several times now. Let me show you what makes this space so tricky with my beautifully rendered floor plan.

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

The breakfast nook is to the left and the kitchen to the bottom while the area at the top is the family room. The family room is a fairly large space but the shortened wall on the left throws everything off and really restricts how you can use the space. Because of it the center of the room isn’t the center of the long wall rather it’s more towards the top of the room (the fireplace wall). The name of the game in here is compensating for that shorter wall. The centering point has to be about a third of the way down from the top of the room which seriously messes with my head and my love of symmetry. I’m using that point to determine where the couch on the long wall needs to go and where the prints that’ll hang above go and where the panels on that wall will go.

Each time a new elements arrives like the pendant or the couch I’ve found myself rethinking that centering point and thus the layout of the wall paneling. The Metrie trim is going to be such a beautiful foundation for the room; I want to make sure we have it laid out perfectly. You’ve heard the old adage “Measure twice, cut once.” Right now I’m more in line with “Measure 25 times, cut one.” Let’s just say I’ve used up a whole lot of painter’s tape over the last few weeks trying to get it just right because of those asymmetric walls. Today’s going to be a stellar day when Luke, my very gifted carpenter, comes to get started on all of this. I can’t wait to see all our planning and scheming on the moulding finally come to fruition!

Here’s the trim we’ll be using:

The 4 1/4″ MDF Crown – it’s a perfect match for the crown molding on my kitchen cabinets and will create a continuous feel to the three rooms.

The Fashion Forward Scene II 1 1/8″ MDF Panel Moulding – it’s sophisticated yet timeless and will tie together the modern and traditional elements in the room.

I’ll be posting updates on the wall progress this week so be sure to follow along on our Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Meanwhile the pretty things continue to find their way to my front porch – like these beautiful brush stroke ginger jars from Jan Bek. Be sure to check out her Week Four update. Can you believe she managed to move in the middle of the One Room Challenge? She is definitely a brave soul!

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

My end tables and coffee table from All Modern are ready for action. Here’s a peek at one!


New dining chairs have rolled in.

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

But the kitchen still looks like this. It’s going to be a contractor-paloosa today with the cabinets guys and my carpenter. How lucky can one girl be??

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

Even with the cabinets and moulding in far more capable hands I still have my work cut out for me this coming week. There’ll be curtain and pillow sewing with the floral and the pewter fabric. Luckily the lovely Les Touches fabric in the middle is a beautifully made Arianna Belle pillow case. I have this thing for Brunschwig & Fils Les Touches and of course I had to include it in this space!

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

Also on the to do list is painting, figuring out my lamp situation (I’m getting down to the wire on that!), unpacking the second couch and the dining room table, putting on all the hardware and figuring out all the accessories. That deadline is fast approaching.

In the meantime I wanted to leave you with a peek at the gorgeous Karastan Castine Willow Grey rug we rolled out this week. The kids and dog are temporarily banned until after the ORC reveal as I do not want to chance anything – I’m not good with living on the edge. Can you blame me with a rug this pretty?

Week Four of the One Room Challenge Fall 2016 // Suburban B's

I also want to share the exciting things going on with Karastan this month. As part of National Karastan Month (through Novemeber 8th) you can purchase all luxury Karastan carpets at the lowest prices of the season and with no interest until January 2018.  They’re also offering up to $1,000 cash back coupon for our readers!

In addition Karastan is hosting a sweepstakes from now through November 3rd. This is your chance to win either an 8×10 area rug or up to $1,000 off a SmartStrand Silk carpet.  You can enter the sweepstakes here. I’ve got my fingers crossed that one of you win big!

Be sure to check out the progress of all the other fearless designers taking part in the One Room Challenge. I am amazed and awed by all their projects.

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Waiting on Martha  Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by CIH


Thanks for popping by to see my Week Four of the One Room Challenge!











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26 Responses to One Room Challenge Fall 2016 {week four}

  1. you guys have got the best style- i love everything about this!

  2. Gosh, all that art has me swooning. LOVE.

  3. Jeanne says:

    The dining room chairs and the chandelier are fabulous…can’t wait to see it all come together.

  4. Robin says:

    Oh my! I love how this is coming together! I am seriously crushing on that artwork. And the chairs. Oh, and the chandelier! I love it all!

  5. sherry hart says:

    2 weeks to go and then we can all have a day at the spa right:) Love the rug and the chairs…..!

  6. Oh, gosh, it’s all looking so good! I’m dying over the chairs and the side table and lighting and pretty much everything you’ve chosen. Love your taste!!

  7. Tracy Kistler says:

    Predicting this to be one of my favorites!!! So excited to see the reveal!

  8. It’s looking GOOD!!! That mantel is Heaven!!! I looked at almost identical lights for our kids bathroom, but it wasn’t quite bright enough… I LOVE it though and was so sad it didn’t work!

  9. I couldn’t love every single thing more. Every detail. Chairs. Grasscloth. New lights! You’re killing me. It’s all so good Tricia!!!!!!!

  10. mysha says:

    great style! I thought I took on a lot making over my master bath for the ORC…but you have me way beat lol! You mantel is fantastic and the lighting choices have me swooning! Looking forward to seeing more

  11. My favorite chairs! And with the rug….to die. Love all of this.

  12. I could have a very solid nap on those living room chairs!

  13. joann says:

    It is all looking so good!! So many new pretty things! Would you mind sharing your electrician? I’ve had a couple of unsuccessful goes with them and the jobs are fairly simple…

    Thank you!

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