One Room Challenge Fall 2016 {week one}

We’re off and running with the One Room Challenge! It’s with a mixture of sheer unadulterated terror and absolutely unbridled joy that Erin and I are joining in the fun as invited bloggers this round. Thank you so much to Linda of Calling It Home for including us in this group of immensely talented bloggers! We are beyond honored.


If you’re new to the One Room Challenge here’s the lowdown: 20 design bloggers have six weeks to completely transform a space. You’d think Erin & I would be old hands at this as the ORC has inspired us to revamped seven rooms so far. But being actual invited designers this round gives the Challenge a whole new intensity. Speaking for myself – I’m nervous, excited, over the moon, beyond thrilled and ready to have a heart attack at any given moment. Pinch me. And then maybe pinch me again because I still think I must be dreaming.

Somehow each round of the One Room Challenge seems to be even more amazing than the last.  This past spring House Beautiful made things even more exciting when they became the official media sponsor of the ORC. Be sure to check out their play by play and favorites through the Challenge and beyond.

If you’re new to Suburban B’s welcome and thanks for stopping by! Let me take a quick moment to introduce my blogging partner Erin and myself.


Erin & I met one day in yoga class and discovered that not only did we have an affinity for down dog but also for the same neighborhood. Erin was actually in the process of buying the house diagonally behind me! That was serious kismet that begged to be translated into a blog. On Suburban B’s we share our love of decorating, good drinks and most of all turning our suburban spec homes from builder blah into spaces that are all our own.

Over the last year Erin’s undertaken some major projects in her home – think the fireplace wall, the dining room, the kitchen, and new flooring. All those changes and others that she’ll be revealing soon didn’t leave her with many options for a Challenge remodel. My house however had rooms ripe for a revamp so that’s where we’re headed for this round.

The Inspiration

Let’s dive right – rather than scare you off by starting with the not-so-pretty before photos let’s start with my inspiration for the space.

This living room designed by C.P.H. Gilbert.

Week One Fall 2016 One Room Challenge || The Suburban B's

Jordan Ferney‘s living room featured on A Cup of Jo.

Week One Fall 2016 One Room Challenge || The Suburban B's

This mantel and molding by Rafterhouse.

Week One Fall 2016 One Room Challenge || The Suburban B's

This living room designed by Sophie Burke via Metrie.

Week One Fall 2016 One Room Challenge || The Suburban B's

This dining room designed by C.P.H. Gilbert via ESNY.

Week One Fall 2016 One Room Challenge || The Suburban B's

This breakfast nook by Katie Hodges Design.

Week One Fall 2016 One Room Challenge || The Suburban B's

And this kitchen by Nicole Davis Interiors.

Week One Fall 2016 One Room Challenge || The Suburban B's

The Space

Have I left you confused by the kitchen, living room and breakfast nook inspiration? I might be utterly insane but I’m going to tackle all three in this One Room Challenge. With my home’s open floor plan the kitchen, breakfast nook and family room all flow together. There’s not a logical stopping point between the three so it’s all or nothing. I’m hoping to acquire super human decorating skills over the next six weeks and be able to do them all justice.  Is the possible heart attack making sense now? I’m sure you all won’t be surprised to hear that I plan to be hellbent on consuming inhuman amounts of chocolate chip cookies (and wine) to keep me fueled over the course of the ORC.

Are you ready now for those scary before photos?

The Family Room

This space has been throwing me for six years. I hate how unbalanced it always feels with the short wall on the left and the much longer one on the right, the tv on one side of the fireplace and those much too busy shelves on the right. I went white in here last winter and although that helped a little I just am not happy with the space as a whole.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 || Suburban Bi's 1134-1

The eighteen year old thrice slipcovered coach might be a contributing factor as is the tile around the fireplace that I never loved.


I wish someone would tell spec builders not to put in weird cubbies up high and please do not add a recessed area above the fireplace. Just stop already.


Those shelves – just too busy.


I love the white kitchen but I’m ready for a refresh in here. Bring on the brass!



The breakfast nook – I’ve been eyeing new lighting for a couple of years and I want to incorporate the banquette more with the table. I stole these chairs from the dining room a couple of years ago and never really replaced them. It’s time to get some chairs I love in here and send these ones back to the other table.


Can you see the direction I’m headed with all of this? I’ll be juxtaposing modern and traditional elements using bright colors, classic patterns & molding with brass accents to create a whole lot of drama. Oh, and most importantly I’m finally getting that green velvet couch I’ve had my eye on forever.

The Mood Boards

This is how I see all of that inspiration coming together in my space.

In the family room – two green velvet couches are of course better than one.

Week One Fall 2016 One Room Challenge || The Suburban B's family_room

In the kitchen – I’ve got my brass.

Week One Fall 2016 One Room Challenge || The Suburban B's kitchen_2And in the breakfast nook. Yes Erin did use a tulip table in her last One Room Challenge. I couldn’t resist.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week One || Suburban B's breakfast_nook2a

I still can’t believe Erin and I are included among this insanely talented group of designers. You’re not going to want to miss out on any of the incredible plans they have in store for their rooms!

Jana Bek | Chris Loves Julia | Shannon Claire | Coco.Kelley | The Curated House
Driven by Decor | The English Room | From the Right Bank | Sherry Hart
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Marcus Design | Pencil & Paper Co. | Megan Pflug | Place of My Taste | Suburban B’s
Waiting on Martha  Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by CIH

We’ll be featuring all the behind the scenes stuff and sneak peeks of what’s to come so follow along with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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65 Responses to One Room Challenge Fall 2016 {week one}

  1. loving those green sofas! This is going to be great!

  2. Tricia!!!! So excited you and Erin are in this round!!! I loved your last rooms in the spring and am so looking forward to seeing these THREE rooms through the next six weeks!! The green velvet is going to be gorgeous!!

  3. Alice Kenny says:

    Busy. Busy. Have fun. Can’t wait to see the final result.

  4. I look forward to seeing you work your magic in these spaces. You all are ambitious-
    Holly @ The English Room

  5. I’m scared about my one room and you’re tackling three? 🙂 Best of luck, I can’t wait to follow along!

    • I’m totally scared out of my mind! Between the election and the ORC I’m kind of losing my mind and wishing it was mid-November already! LOL Absolutely LOVE the room you are doing! The best thing about the ORC is finding new blogs – so glad I found yours!

  6. Can’t wait to follow along

  7. i am soooooo excited for you guys!

  8. Iris Nacole says:

    These are going to be great makeovers! Can’t wait to see them come to life!

  9. Whoa!! I’m insanely excited about this!!!

  10. Ariel says:

    Tricia I cannot wait to see it all unfold!

  11. Love a green velvet sofa! Can’t wait to see!

  12. Wow, what a project(s)!!! Excited to follow along. I know all the rooms are going to turn out GREAT!

  13. You ladies are going to kill this ORC! I can’t wait to see all the brass and velvet delisciousness!

  14. Traci Hutton says:

    So excited to follow along!! Going to be amazing!

  15. Jana Bek says:

    I am soo excited to follow your scheming! You always bring it home in a major way! XX jana bek

  16. Lyn says:

    Love Your idea boards ! Can’t wait to see the end results! You both will do amazing !

  17. The green sofas are killer! You got this and I can’t wait to see the results!

  18. Every inspiration photo had me screaming, YESSSSS. I could just clone them to get what I want for our living room, kitchen, nook scenario. Can’t wait to watch it all come together!

  19. This is going to be great!! I love the emerald sofas.

  20. Tricia and Erin, first off cheers on being one of the featured designers! SO thrilled to see you back in ORC as you always knock it out of the park and inspire me! Tricia, you have a beautiful home and I very impressed with your plan to makeover 3 spaces! Love the design inspiration and where you are going! Let’s do this! XOXO, Sarah

  21. I’m so excited you guys are featured designers. I can’t wait to see your rooms!

  22. sherry hart says:

    OK…first of all are you crazy? That is a lot of real estate to be making over in 6 weeks:) Looking forward to it and I just had a client who had openings like that so we just drywalled those puppies up!

  23. Wow, huge spaces. I love the plan. It’s really ambitious. I know you can do it. Good luck!

  24. Lynn Spencer says:

    Tricia, I have a thing for brass right now too and can’t wait to see it shine in your kitchen. I think the whole shebang will be truly lovely..can’t wait to see the transformation.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend (I know what you’ll be doing!)

    Hugs, Lynn

  25. i can’t wait how exciting this room will be. Love the colors and that Green couch, is perfection.

  26. Love, love, love your use of color…those green sofas are fabulous. We can’t wait to follow along!


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  38. Anne says:

    Where are the amazing green couches from!

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