One Room Challenge Fall 2016 {week three}

If you’re here for the first time – Welcome! and if you’re already a reader of Suburban B’s – Welcome back! It’s Week Three of the One Room Challenge and what’s tough about this week is that things always seem to get real and really scary. As in – “Can I really pull it all together in time?” Right now it’s that whole two steps forward and one mighty big step backwards phase with a deadline staring me down. For today’s progress report I’ve got the good, the bad and some seriously ugly to share with you. Oh and I do have a special treat to share too; after all it is almost Halloween!

Here’s what happened this week. Let’s start with the good because that’s always the prettiest way to start.

Kelli Kroneberger put the finishing touches on my painting for over the mantle.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

Here’s the painting all set to meet my One Room Challenge. Kelli’ll be dropping it by later today. I’m seriously jumping around in anticipation! Check out my mood board taped up in the corner. I love that this artwork was created specifically for my ORC!

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

More good news on the ORC front – several of my lights went up and they are stunning. But first I’ve got to dish on some of the bad and the ugly because as soon as you see the photos it’s all going to be more than evident.

On Monday it finally occurred on me that perhaps I should take off the old hardware from my cabinets and inspect the paint underneath before installing my amazing new Lew’s Hardware Bar Pulls from ATGSTORES.COM.

Of course the answer was yes. Yes the paint was damaged and yes this is what my cabinets and drawer fronts all look like.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

Yikes! I promptly started freaking out because I’ve only got THREE weeks until the reveal and how in the world was I going to get someone to repaint my cabinets fronts that quickly??? I called the shop that made the cabinets and they recommend Russel Furniture. I emailed while totally doubting there was any way they’d fit me in. Miracles do happen. Their on-site guys came and took all my cabinet fronts back to the shop yesterday. Best of all it looks like they’ll have them back to me next week. I’m simple stunned that I got so lucky. Brad and his crew are totally saving my hide. Thanks guys!!! Here’s how my kitchen looked now.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

That’s the big step backwards I was talking about. You really don’t want your kitchen ending up unexpectedly naked – halfway through the Challenge.

Now that we’ve got the ugly situation out of the way we can get back to the good as in these gorgeous new lights – the oh so lovely Hudson Valley Coffey Pendants from Lamps Plus.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

Aren’t they beautiful? Now imagine how much better they’re going to be when you’re not staring at a big ugly abysses behind them.

I’m also absolutely in love with my new Kitchler Starburst pendant from Bellacor. Fortunately  the breakfast nook isn’t as deconstructed as the kitchen. Sorry for the night time photo; I just ran out to buy bulbs for the pendant.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

Now picture that light hanging over this beautiful oval tulip table I have coming from ATGSTORES.COM and with all the pretty new textiles that’ll be hanging out on the banquette behind it. It’s going to be a vision!

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

Above the mantle’s still a mess. I thought we’d have it drywalled and painted by today but turns out my dry waller can’t make it out until later this week. I wanted to have a bright white finished fireplace wall to showcase my Crystorama Jennings Chandelier. I guess that’ll be next week instead.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

Even with the mess behind it the light looks stunning. Everyone who’s popped by to check on my progress has had one thing to say when they’ve see this chandelier – “WOW!” That’s exactly how I feel about it too! Now to get above the fireplace done so I can do the chandelier justice.

The other happy news is this rectangular lucite drapery hardware will be making an appearance in my family room as I officially checked that off my to-do list. I’ve been dreaming about this hardware since I first discovered Gretchen Everett last year and I’m so happy it’ll be part of the room.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

Now on to more not so happy news. My other big plan for this week was progress on the Metrie moulding but my carpenter can’t make it until at least next week neither. It’s all about the waiting game around here. Since I don’t anything concrete to show you from my room let’s look at interior finishings inspiration instead.

Don’t you love these cut-in corners? (via Dwell Studio)

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

Even an empty rooms looks beautifully tailored with the right millwork (via Marianne Simon).

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

This room and it’s mind blowingly good moulding is my latest obsession (via Elle Decor).

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

I could stare at these walls for hours (via Kelly Wearstler)

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

And have you seen the interior trim in the Chanel pop up shop (via Architectural Digest)? It makes the space so distinctive.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 Week Three || Suburban B's

The Metrie interior finishings I have picked out for my One Room Challenge sets the foundation for the whole space. Once it’s in place I’ll feel like I’m well on my way to getting to the end goal of a completed room. Keep your fingers crossed that next week I’ll be able to show you my finished walls!

In the meantime here’s that little treat I promised you – ATGSTORES.COM has generously created a coupon code just for those following along with the One Room Challenge. Use coupon code OneRoom100 to take $100 off an order of $199 or more. ATGSTORES.COM has an incredibly wide range of products – for my ORC I ordered a tulip table, brass hardware, dishes and fur pillows. I’d love to hear what you order with your coupon!

To all of you also taking part in the One Room Challenge as a guest participant – here’s to making big progress this coming week and to skipping right over the real and the really scary this week!

That’s a wrap on Week Three. If you missed previous weeks you can find them here:

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See you next week!







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20 Responses to One Room Challenge Fall 2016 {week three}

  1. So many beautiful things going on here!!! The before wasn’t bad but the after is going to be drop dead gorgeous. That lucite drawer hardware and, my weakness, amazing lighting. I want to move in already.

  2. sherry hart says:

    Lord….you got some great light fixtures which will totally transform all of your spaces! Week three is always tough because everything is half finished:)

    • Or less than half finished as the case may be! 😉 I am super excited about all the great lights that are pouring in. Now I just need to decide on some lamps and I think I’ll pretty much have nailed all the choices down!

  3. Ariel says:

    Looking good! Despite a half-naked kitchen 😉

  4. WOW! i am in love with that painting!

  5. I am not exaggerating when I say I love EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. Girl, this is going to be amazing!!! And I have to confess my total art-envy. That painting is incredible. Can’t wait to see it hanging in its beautiful new home!
    Sarah xx

    • Sarah – thanks so much! I’m currently at that point where I’m wondering if I made the right choices for everything to come together as a cohesive whole so thanks very much for saying that!

  6. Oh my gosh! The painting is perfection with your mood board. Well, and in general. And the lighting. Ahh. So good. I’d have FREAKED out at your cabinet situation, but I’m impressed it’s already getting fixed! These rooms are going to be fabulous.

  7. That painting is going to be a show-stopper! Can’t wait!

  8. Jen says:

    You have had your hands full the last two weeks! I have been having the same carpenter issues over here! I finally had one come look at it tonight and he’ll be back monday to start (and hopefully finish!) Then I have to paint the built ins myself (silently screams). I’m excited to see your finished spaces! I love everything you’ve chosen. XO~Jen

  9. Love the painting and can’t wait to see the trim go in!

  10. The painting is stunning! I am so excited to see this. Yes, your light fixtures are amazing. This is looking great. I laughed out loud about the trim and pictures of other rooms. Hang in there and so sorry about the cabinet hardware.

  11. Sarah says:

    I love these rooms! I found your blog through the OTC. I wanted to order the same kitchen hardware from ATG, but the coupon code you listed isn’t working. Did that expire already?

    • Hi Sarah – thanks so much! did change the expiration date of the coupon. They are going to be issuing a new one. Let me check with my contact and see where that stands. 🙂

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