One Room Challenge Tween Queen Bedroom & Bath {Week 1}

Happy Day, Happy Day- the One Room Challenge is underway!!! A huge thank you to Linda from Calling It Home for not only organizing this massive project but for also thinking enough of the Suburban Bees to invite us back for another round! Tricia hit a home run last Fall with her living room makeover and I hope I can follow her lead and make an amazing room revamp in these next 6 weeks.

So let’s get down to what room is receiving this makeover. There were a few candidates that I considered, including our master bathroom, an upstairs bonus room, or my daughter’s bedroom. Each room had pro’s and con’s, and in the end I wanted to get my daughter involved in this project by making her room over and getting her input on some of the major design decisions. My daughter just turned 9, but she’s fairly mature for her age. She is such a great daughter, always willing to help me around the house and super caring towards her brothers. I couldn’t wait to show her how much I appreciated her by giving her a dream bedroom. Let’s start with what her room currently looks like:

And let’s keep it real and give you a few photos of the room in its natural state (aka:non-photo shoot day):

If I’m being honest, I like her bedroom. It doesn’t scream that it needs to be made over. But, this is the bedroom that I put together for my daughter and not necessarily the bedroom decor she would choose. She is starting to grow up and develop her own opinions about what she wants her room to look like. And her #1 request is NO PINK! It breaks my heart, because I love a bedroom with soft pink. Light soft pink is such a great color, almost acting like a neutral. Pair it with olive green or navy blue and you have two of my favorite color combos. And my daughter’s bedroom was full of light pink and dusty rose, so it was not the room that she wanted.

Which brings us to the Tween Queen Bedroom I hope to create in 6 weeks. Here’s the overall mood board for the room:


First thing let’s just get out of the way- yes that is purple you see. And yes, purple is probably my least favorite color. But it is the color my daughter wanted so this is definitely going to be a make it work moment for me. My first thought when she told me that purple was the color she wanted in her room was the thought to pair that purple with a shade of green. And then I found this gorgeous fabric from Kristi Kohut Studio which perfectly combined green and light lilac together. As soon as I saw this pillow I had the starting off point for my room.

And this upholstered bed from All Modern is perfect to bring in another purple item to the room.



This room from Mandi at Vintage Revivals is a big inspiration for the bedroom I hope to create. I want it to feel a bit boho but also have some more tailored elements. Next week I’ll give you the steps I’m taking to bring the Tween Queen bedroom to fruition and I’ll be talking more about the furniture and finishes in this room. There are so many great sponsors for this round of the One Room Challenge and I can’t wait to incorporate products from these sponsors into my room.

Now if any of you remember Tricia’s room makeovers from last round (check them out here), she set the bar pretty darn high with not only one beautiful room but THREE room makeovers!!! Making over just one room this round felt a bit like too easy of a challenge and since there is a bathroom attached to my daughter’s bedroom, I kept thinking about just throwing the bathroom in for a makeover at the same time. The bathrooms in our house haven’t been changed since we moved in and now that we have put our stamp on most every other room in the house the bathrooms stand out as not fitting in with our style. And my daughter’s bathroom felt like a good place to start with updating the baths as it is a pretty small room.

With the bath being such a small space I wanted to use simple materials and colors for the space. I chose a color palette of black, white, gold, and gray for this bathroom. Subway tiles are not only inexpensive but they are timeless, making them a great choice to keep the bathroom remodel in budget and something that will grow with my daughter.

All the tile in the bathroom needs to come out which is a bigger job than I want to DIY. And the vanity cabinet is going to stay but will get painted. I’m thinking about going with Farrow and Ball Elephant’s Breath for the cabinet. Countertop is going to be replaced and all fixtures will change over to a brushed gold finish. And since there is already wallpaper on the walls I’m not about to strip off that paper. Instead I’ll just add another layer of wallpaper on top, specifically the Forest Floor paper from Hygge and West. If there is any room I’m worried about finishing on time it is this bathroom. It’s small but most of the work I need to hire out and coordinating all the different people I need and getting them to take on a small job like this may be a real challenge.

Here we go, the One Room Challenge is underway!!! Are y’all ready to join in? I hope so as I can’t wait to see all of the amazing room transformations that can be accomplished in 6 weeks. Be sure to go check out the rest of the 20 designers joining in the spring ORC. I’ve followed may of these ladies over the years and I know that they will be bringing their A game to each of these makeovers!

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Erica Reitman | Sketch 42 | Suburban B’s | Erin Williamson  Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by CIH

Photos by Kelli Kroneberger.

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22 Responses to One Room Challenge Tween Queen Bedroom & Bath {Week 1}

  1. OMG i love this plan!!! and erin, how did i not know we have the same horse! i love her room (photoshoot day version 😉 ) as is, but the plan is stellar! also, i think this is my most favorite group of designers who have done this ever.

    • Erin says:

      I don’t think I have ever posted pictures of my daughter’s room with the horse picture in it. I’m sad because I don’t think the horse picture is gonna make the cut for this room once I have it redone. I’ll have to find a place for it though because I love it! And yes, the designers this round are amazing!!! There’s gonna be some stunning rooms at the end of this.

  2. Ahhh I love little girls’ spaces! This is going to be too cute!! Excited to follow along and hop back into the mix tomorrow! xoxo

  3. I’ve loved all your past ORC projects and am really looking forward to this one too. Great plans – I want that bathroom for me!

    • Erin says:

      I know- she is seriously gonna have the best bathroom in our house. Which I’m used to, since she’s the only girl she gets spoiled!!

  4. Oh my goodness! You girls are at it again with your multiple room makeovers! I love the soft purple and green combo and that pillow is the prettiest! Plus, her bathroom is going to be so fabulous…the perfect glam space for your tween queen! I can’t wait to see it unfold, Erin 😉

  5. Lizzie Ravn says:

    I said it on insta but I’ll say it again – I love your plans! Purple isn’t my favourite either but you’re totally going to make it work. I’m doing my daughter’s room too – she wanted literally every single colour (especially purple and yellow!!) and I am definitely feeling the neutrals more right now, so this one’s going to be a make it work moment for me too. Can’t wait to see your progress!

    • Erin says:

      I am all about the neutrals as well. My favorite kids rooms are all the ones in the Restoration Hardware Kids catalogs. What we’ll do for our children!

  6. Danielle says:

    Two rooms!?!?! Best of luck! Even if you don’t like purple the inspiration is beautiful and the bathroom will toughen it up a bit!

    • Erin says:

      I’m trying to embrace purple more and more so that I can get her room done. I even picked out a lilac for my toes the other day. Maybe I’ll love the color by the end of this!!

  7. Gah that hygge and west wallpaper! You can do this, and it’s going to be amazing!

  8. That is not the bad kind of purple, and the pillow has a lovely mix. You will be able to go into the room and feel happy. Love the plan. Maybe when you finish, she will want pink? JK

  9. Lisa says:

    Erin, I’m so excited to see this room makeover play out!! I’ve tweaked my daughter’s room about 10x to her brothers’ one and done, and I know all about that art of negotiation. You’ve made purple look amazing with this design and I know you will knock this ORC out of the park!!!

  10. Love doing kids rooms, always feels like anything goes. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

  11. So… pretty sure your current/before daughter’s room is way better than my own bedroom haha! I can’t wait to see the transformation – but I’m more excited for that bathroom… it’s everything I’ve ever wanted 🙂 Good luck!

    • Erin says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty jealous of her bathroom. I didn’t ask for her input on the bathroom after she threw me purple to work with in her room. So that bathroom is what I want as well!

  12. Erin! This will be so fun to watch! You’re a good mom to realize that your daughter is coming into her own space. I love that it’s more grown up but still youthful. Cheering you on!! xo

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