One Room Challenge Week Two {Kids’ Bathroom}

Thanks for popping by today to check on my progress in my kids’ bathroom. If you haven’t been by before let me introduce myself. I’m Tricia – one half of the Bitches blog duo. Erin and I write about taking our builder spec houses from hohum to wow all while raising six kids between us and having fun (& drinks) in the suburbs.

Another big thank you to Linda of Calling It Home for putting together the awesomeness that is the One Room Challenge. It’s always the perfect way for so many of us to get our butts in gear & get going on a project.

ORC logo gold

My room for this round of the ORC is the bathroom that my two bigger kids share. I haven’t done a thing to the room other than throw in some hand-me-down towels and hang a shower curtain. This is one neglected room in need of a bit of lovin’.

photo 3

This is my plan for the room. You can see more of the before in my Week One post.

kids bath plan

Are you wondering what I’ve accomplished in the room this week? The only thing I can show you is that I’ve got the stool! Isn’t that exciting?

white stool

But… on top of that I’ve got all my legwork done and I’m pretty pleased with myself for getting that all out of the way. Everything is ordered and my favorite wallpaper guy is coming tomorrow to give me a quote on the job. With my first round of the One Room Challenge at Week Two I’d only just decided what direction to go in with my laundry room. I feel so on top of things this go round! Last night I broke my current and short-lived “no wine during the week” pledge to toast my progress with a couple glasses. Accomplishments no matter how small should be celebrated after all.

So here’s what I’ve got coming my way.

1. These scones from Cedar & Moss. Aren’t they scrumptious? At $179 a piece they felt like a steal.


2.  This Meg Braff wallpaper “Up a Tree” in Bamboo on Green is on its way. I originally wanted to go with a green and white trellis pattern but when I saw this one on Vivid Hue Home I knew it was the one. (Meg – can you pretty please get a better image of the gorgeous paper up on your site?)


3.  These beautiful rattan mirrors from Serena & Lily. Small problem here though. From the time I first put them in my shopping basket to when I actually ordered them they went from in stock to backordered and due to ship the last day of the challenge! Damn my hemming and hawing. I ordered them anyway in hopes that it was a conservative shipping estimate and miracles will occurs and I will get them in time. If not here’s to Plan B.


4. I love this Serena & Lily shower curtain but none of the colors they offer is exactly right for the bathroom. Plus I hate that shower curtains in general are all made so short. I want one that I can hang high and have it come down almost to the floor. I’ll guess I’ll be whipping that up for myself. I’m not sure what color I’ll do yet I just know it will have tassels.

serena and lily shower curtain

5.  I’m kicking myself hard for not buying these towels last week when they were on sale at Serena & Lily for $30 instead of $78 a piece. Of course do a 12 year old and a 10 year really deserve towels that are $30 each? Maybe not. They’ll be getting nice fluffy white Target special towels instead.


6.  This might not be my brightest design idea but I ordered a vintage Afghan Turkomen runner on Etsy for the bath. It was the perfect size for the room and I love the colors in the rug. I’m not sure it’ll be ideal with the way my children conduct themselves in the bathroom. Come on – shouldn’t boys by the age of twelve at least have half decent aim? For $199 though it’s not a huge worry. If they mistreat it I’ll get it cleaned and give it a new home in the kitchen instead.

rug purchased

7.  Stool – see above photo.

8.  Knobs – These hex knobs by School House Electric make me happy.

hex knob

On the not so happy side they’re $16 a pop and I need 12 of them. That’s more math than I want to do but I do know that adds up to more than a kids’ bathroom deserves. So instead I went with these equal fun Lewis Dole Round Bar Pull Knob in brushed brass. At $6.56 a piece much more doable.



9.  Lucite towel racks & shower curtain rod. I want these to be along the lines of The Hunted Interiors lucite curtain rod.

Drapery Overall

Or, like the clothes bar Kimber of House of Pemberley created for a One Room Challenge that I’ve loved since the moment I saw it. And that wallpaper too.

house of pemberely

I ordered the hardware for the towel racks and shower curtain rod from Buy Railings. I’ll use the brass closet flanges for the shower curtain.

closet flange

And the brass flush end posts for the towel racks.

flush end posts

While I was at it I also bought hardware to do an acrylic curtain rod in my daughter’s room. Finding the 8′ section of 1.5″ diameter acrylic rod for that wasn’t the easiest thing. First I tried Interstate Plastics as both Kristin & Kimber recommended. They were all out of the 1.5″ diameter and 1″ just wouldn’t have the same impact for anything. I eventually found 4′  sections to cut for the 24″ towel racks from US Plastic. They however only carry 4′ sections. Finally I found the 8′ length at ePlastics and they’ll cut to any length for an $18 charge.

If you just want someone else to take all the guesswork out of acrylic towel racks order from Lux Holdups. More expensive but much easier.

lux hold up

10.  Gilt framed chalkboard. I bought the frame from my friend Kari when she moved to New York City.

photo 1

I ordered a magnetic cut-to-size chalkboard from US Markerboard for $60. The non-magnetic was only $30 but I thought I might want eventually use the chalkboard somewhere else in the house and I’ll want the magnetic aspect.

Getting all the ordering out of the way is good but I still have a long way to go if I want this room done in six weeks. Here’s what I’m looking at for the next four weeks:

  • Remove builder’s mirror
  • Repair wall
  • Hang wallpaper
  • Hang new light fixtures
  • Hang new mirrors (hopefully they come in the mail on time!)
  • Hang towel bars
  • Find new toilet paper hanger
  • Change knobs
  • Decide it I want to piss my husband off and change out the faucets
  •  Sew shower curtain
  • Hang shower curtain rod
  • Find art
  • Repair gilt frame and assemble chalkboard

I think that covers most of the heavy lifting left in this room. I hope to have some photos of actual things accomplished by next week! Have a great week and check out the progress all the other ORC participants made this week!



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9 Responses to One Room Challenge Week Two {Kids’ Bathroom}

  1. Love it all! Wallpaper, mirrors, that curtain, towels, looking really fabulous!

  2. That mirror is just beautiful. I am sure it will look great in the room. Hope it makes it in time!

  3. I cannot wait to watch the progress of this bathroom Tricia! I LOVE the sconces that you chose. I have been looking for something interesting for my son’s room that doesn’t need to be hardwired

  4. You have such a great space to work with! Love the plan. I always wondered why it’s so hard to find long shower curtains? Can’t wait to see it come together 🙂

  5. Rita Crane says:

    Can’t wait to see the final results. LOVE everything you picked out!!!! xo

  6. Oh my goodness, you have the luckiest kids! That space is going to be stunning! I’m particularly loving the color palette and the beautiful hardware. Excited to follow your progress and see the final transformation!

  7. yummy. all of it yummy. and the stool….hello. can’t wait to see more, as usual…you are one of my favorite ORC participants to follow. good luck!

  8. Looks like you have a fabulous plan for this bathroom. Good luck in the upcoming weeks.

  9. Claire Brody says:

    Ummmm never been so jealous of a kids’ bathroom!! This is going to be so great!! Love every part of your plan!

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