A pantry makeover

It’s January which usually means to me it’s time for an organizing project and this time I’m taking on a pantry makeover! This past fall Erin and I were invited to participate in the One Room Challenge. We took on my family room, breakfast nook and kitchen. This is the kitchen after all that hard work.


Image by Kelli Kroneberger

I’ve loved sharing our new space with friends and family and even hosting a few get togethers over the past couple months.

But what didn’t get a makeover and what’s been my semi-hidden secret was my pantry. Outside it was pretty as a picture.


Inside it was a total mess that made me cringe whenever I opened those cabinet doors and even more so when friends saw it – it was like getting caught with my holey undies on. Lucky for me Brenna of Domestic Charm invited me to join in an organizational blog hop and share some organizational tips! I took this as the perfect opportunity to take on that less than becoming space.


Here goes the before  – are you ready to see those perverbial panties with the holes?

An easy pantry makeover // Suburban B's 1403

Yeah, not so good. My favorite part of is all the stuff piled up on in the middle. Aren’t you impressed? I thought so! But here’s the good part – just a few easy steps later and this pantry went from hideous to a space that I’m happy to show friends. Now I can offer visitors snacks without scaring them. I’m no longer afraid to fling up those pantry doors; the inside’s as tidy as the outside!

May I present the new and improved kitchen pantry!

An easy pantry makeover // Suburban B's 1436

Are you ready for my three simple steps to an organized pantry?

Step 1: Grasscloth as shelf liner

Grasscloth played a big role in my One Room Challenge.


After doing these alcoves and shelves I still had quite a bit of the grasscloth left. I took this pantry makeover as the perfect opportunity to put that grasscloth to work for me as shelf liner.


This idea could work with any leftover wallpaper you have lying around. The shelves look so much more polished with the grasscloth down. It’s kind of making my heart sing to see it there!

Step Two: Containers

Containers have two things going for them – they make everything in the pantry more uniform and more visually appealing but the other great benefit is they save tons of space. I’m talking giant amounts of space. In that ugly before photo did you noticed not one more thing was going to fit in that pantry and even then there was a lot of shoving to get the doors closed. A crazy thing happened when I transferred everything to containers, suddenly I had lots of extra space! Who doesn’t want extra space in their pantry?

An easy pantry makeover // Suburban B's 1449

On the upper shelves instead of food packed in all the way to the back so that I had no idea of half of the food tucked away up there there’s now tons of space behind those front rows of food. I had enough room that I even emptied out an entire cabinet and added the contents to the pantry and there’s still extra space! For the containers I primarily used the Oxo Softworks Pop Containers. They’re definitely an investment but I’m super happy with how lovely they’ve made my pantry.

a simple panty makeover // Suburban B's

Step Three: Baskets

The other winner in my mini pantry makeover were the baskets. They’re an organizational essential. In the pantry the baskets each have a different purpose like for snack bars, bottles or fruit pouches (one day my 6 year old is going to realize fruits and vegetables aren’t just consumed in pouch form!).


I’m really excited about the large baskets in the bottom of the pantry for onions, potatoes and squashes. I lined them with parchment paper in case I managed to forget about something and it rotted. That’s been known to happen in these parts. If things get a little gross in there I can just throw away the parchment paper and the baskets won’t be ruined.


And that is my pantry reveal. Come on over and grab a snack – I promise you won’t be grossed out anymore!

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Now that we’ve shared all our organizational secrets, do you have any for us?


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A Pantry Makeover // Suburban B's

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19 Responses to A pantry makeover

  1. Love this! I have the same type of pantry and it could use a serious decluttering! I’m all about the baskets! Thanks for joining in!

  2. Julie says:

    Wow, Tricia! Can you come do mine pretty please 😉 You did great!! I’m craving cashews now and I’m a stalker of the green sofas. I just bought a teal one, but now I’m wishing I went for green, lol. ~ Julie

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  5. Love your pantry, our’s is on my list for next month. My organized pantry became a mess during the holidays!

  6. Kristy Robb says:

    We are adding a pantry in 2017 – so I’m totally pinning this for later! Looks fantastic!

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  8. Mom says:

    Come do your mother’s pantry. I don’t need to go into detail!😬

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  10. Jill Keogh says:

    Yay for you Tricia!! I love ALL that you did as usual. I might add that I love the OXO containers, but also the large size/large mouth Mason jars are super cheap and serve a great purpose as well for rice/popcorn/etc. etc. that I hate seeing labels for.
    I’m also a fan of the leveled shelves.
    I totally related to your problem with the cabinet pantry…. Had one in our last house and don’t be too hard on yourself!! It’s tough. Love you!! Jill

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  12. It looks beautiful, Tricia! Love the containers and baskets you chose! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    ~Abby =)

  13. I can’t think of anything coherent to say when you show pictures of your kitchen and family room. No words. Just heart eye emojis and pink puffy hearts <3

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