Playing it cool in the bedroom

If you know me, or if you ever meet me, one of the things that you’ll quickly find out is that I love to sleep. If I could, I would sleep at least 10 hours a night. But with kids and actual stuff to do during the day I settle for 8 hours. And those 8 hours need to be as blissful as can be. One thing that can ruin a blissful night’s rest for me is a hot room. Nothing is worse than laying in bed without any covers because the bedroom is too warm. Our bedroom is the hottest room in our house so during the summer it is tough to get the room cooled down without freezing out the other bedrooms upstairs. So with that being said, a ceiling fan is our best friend during the summer months.

Here’s my take on ceiling fans when considering design of a room. Ceiling fans have come a long way and sleeker fans are coming out. But if I had to choose between a statement light fixture or a ceiling fan I would choose a statement light. Here’s the caveat to that choice- design can’t always choose pretty over function, and when it comes to a hot bedroom I’ll take that ceiling fan! And when a ceiling fan is necessary I want that fan to be as unnoticeable as possible.

The fan that came when we bought our house was not unnoticeable. It was big and clunky, and loud. It had a big light kit on it that we never turned on because we have can lights that we used instead. It stood out in the room, and not in a good way.

Am I right? For years I’ve been contemplating changing out the fan for something white and simple. When my daughter got her Haiku fan in her room I was beyond jealous. She now had the fan that was quiet, sleek, and unnoticeable and I slept under the clink and clank of the old fan in our room. I reached out to Haiku to see if they would be willing to help me get out with the old and with the new. And luckily they were on board!

For my bedroom I went with the I series which comes in 60″ diameter, and was large enough for the high ceilings in our bedroom. After having a light kit that we never used on the old fan I opted to go without a light on the new Haiku fan. I did get the wall control which is always a nice upgrade to have so you don’t worry about losing the remote. Install of these fans is easy as it comes but I did find that electricians are a little thrown off by the newer technology on the fans. I was able to install the fan in my daughter’s room and the only reason I had my electrician install the fan in my bedroom is because I didn’t have a tall enough ladder to reach my ceiling. But for anyone who can read instructions I would say you can install these fans by yourself without a problem.

And after getting the fan installed, sleep just got better. A quiet fan, cool breeze, and a fan that blended into the ceiling rather than standing out. I’m always surprised by how small changes like switching out a fan can make me so happy.

Photography by Kelli Kroneberger.




**This post was sponsored by Haiku fans. All opinions and words are my own. Product was received in exchange for this post.**




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