She’s crafty {Golden bookshelves}

Give me bookshelf backs in a bright or contrasting color, a patterned wallpaper (like the ones Erin did here) or any other way that makes them distinct and I’m on board!   Why then have I allowed mine to languish in their ever so boring Dover White?


I think it’s been my fear of committing to one color and worrying that whatever that color or wallpaper was that it wouldn’t get along with my oriental rug and the blue transferware on the bookshelves.  I debated a kelly green trellis patterned fabric, or maybe just painting the back of the shelves green or maybe this or maybe that.  I finally got completely fed up with my wishy-wash self the other day and decided it was time to start a new relationship with some color on those shelves.  That’s when I remembered those two little pots of Martha Stewart gold metallic pearl paint sitting on a shelf in the garage.  I thought about for just a second and before I could lose my nerve I decided it just might be the right fit for this temporarily paint/color-phobic girl!  I whip out my paintbrush and went to town.
This is what my bookcase looks like now.

Metallic gold bookshelf back  from Suburban Bitches


Metallic gold bookshelf back  from Suburban Bitches

What do you think?  I love that the color isn’t in your face as I don’t think it would have worked with everything else going on in this room.  The color of the gold shifts throughout the day and at night the metallic sheen is even more noticeable – a little bit of extra glam.  The great thing about this little facelift is that it didn’t require a ton of work.  However, the Martha Stewart paint is extremely thin which meant it took many coats of paint to achieve this level of opacity.  NINE coats to be exact.  But, when you consider that each coat on this small space only took about 10 minutes to complete, it was in no way a huge time investment even with that many coats of paint.

I wish I could better capture the metallic nature of the paint in pictures as that little gleam is making me very happy.  Everything on the shelves just pops a bit more with the painted background.  I’m glad I finally put my little phobia here to rest!



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