Stitch Fix Addiction

Do you ever look at your closet and realize you are in a serious rut?  Always buying pieces that always end up looking exactly the same?  Need a refresh?

I am so guilty.  When not wearing my jammies or my sweats – yes, a relatively rare occurrence – chances are you’re going to find me in my uniform consists of a pair of jeans paired with a basic sweater.  If I’m feeling particularly wild and crazy I might branch out to tan or egads even pink!

I needed to get myself beyond my comfortable shades of grey. Then I started seeing Stitch Fix popping up all over blogs and I starting thinking, “hmmm.” I figured what did I have to lose and gave it a go.  In case you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix yet here’s their official blurb:

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You tell us your style, size, and budget preferences, and we send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. Each Fix™ is unique and hand-picked just for you.

And this is what a Stitch Fix looks like:

Stitch Fix


I love when something you order comes all dolled up like a present.  It makes me love what’s inside just that much more.

Before I go any further let me say that we bitches are not affiliated with Stitch Fix and have not been paid to review their site.  I love what Stitch Fix does and wanted to share a good find with our readers.

The first step to joining Stitch Fix is signing up (there’s a referral code below) and waiting to be invited to join. It may take a while but you won’t mind once you get started! Next you’ll fill out a style preference sheet to help your stylist select the clothes and accessories for you. The sheet is fairly detailed to better narrow down your style. If you’re like me filling it out has the added bonus of giving you get a better definition of what you’re drawn to.

Once you’re accepted you schedule your fix. You can set one up monthly or on whatever time frame you’d like to see that pretty box of goodies show up on your door step.   You pay a $20 styling fee each Fix. I admit – that threw me at first.  But the fee is applied as a credit toward anything you keep from that fix.  I like to think of it it as only needing to pay if I don’t buy anything.  Something that has never happened for me.

I get giddy when I see that box sitting on my front porch; it’s like my own private surprise party every month!

Each fix comes with a sheet of these little perforated cards with two suggestions for each item.

stitch fix

You get three days to decide what to keep.  Keep it all and you get a 25% discount (I love a good sale!). I may have taken advantage of that discount more than once or twice. Whatever doesn’t work you send back in the pre-paid envelope.

Here’s what arrived in my last fix.

Stitch Fix



stich fix


I would never in a million years have picked these out for myself.  In fact when I took them out of the box I was not psyched.  Then I tried them on and worked them into my wardrobe.  Now I can’t imagine that I ever thought of sending them back.

**** And now folks a couple more disclaimers.  1) I never aspired to be a model & it wasn’t just because of the unfortunate Irish peasant thighs.  I think models need more than one pose in their repertoire and that’s all I got (see below). 2) My early evening, no natural light photos are sub-par.   Long story but bad photos.  At least they’re good enough to give you an idea of what a Fix can be like.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

I love, love both pieces with a chambray shirt and olive jacket – two items previously languishing in my closet.

Yellow is generally outside my comfort zone but those stripes subtly brighten up this sweater and give it a fun pop of color.  stitch fix


Once I threw it on with jeans, a big black belt and wedge booties I knew it was a keeper.

Stitch Fix

This next sweater was instant love.  The bold aztec pattern drew me in.

Stitch Fix


Again, a jeans, belt and a tee and I am all over this like white on rice.

Stitch Fix


I would never have thought to buy a sweater coat.  This one made me wish I’d bought one long ago!  Love the military feel!Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

It’s looks even better when it’s not in a blurry picture!

Living in a town without a ton of shopping (a downfall of our bit o’ suburbia) and three kids to tow along when I do go, Stitch Fix has been become a brilliant way for me to shop without so much as lifting a finger.  If you want to give it a try here’s a referral/invitation code.  Let me know what you think!

Happy Monday everyone!




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14 Responses to Stitch Fix Addiction

  1. What a fabulous idea. I used to love to shop, but the malls make me crazy now. I love everything they sent you and how you styled it all up at home. Thanks for sharing, off to check them out.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I bet you’ll love it too! You’ll have to show us how you can model with your hands on your hips too in your new SF threads!

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  4. AliceL says:

    I’ve gotten two Stitch Fix boxes. The first was dead wrong on both style and fit. The clothes were ugly. I had asked for professional wear. I got 4 shirts and a pair of black pants. Three of the four shirts had horizontal stripes. Repeating patterns seems like a bad idea in the first place, in the second I am very busty. Horizontal stripes are not my friend. Beyond that, the tops had no tailoring and looked terrible on me. My second box got the fit much better, but the clothes were uninteresting. They looked like stuff I could have gotten at Macys.

    Looking across the web, I see very little variation in the clothes given to different people. Their business model is to send out clothes they have on hand, not go on a shopping expedition just for one person. I haven’t seen any pictures of people receiving items that would fit the styles they say they cater to (ie. Edgy, Romantic, etc.) Every picture I’ve seen is of something that’s either preppy or classic.

    In summary, this is a service for people who either hate to/can’t shop or find their personal style meshes well with the clothes other people have reported. Someone who loves clothes isn’t likely to find Stitch Fix able to match personal style or find unique pieces. For example, they have a tendency to send out staples even though these are easy to find. I wanted the service to send me things I couldn’t get; not things that I can easily buy.

    • Hi Alice, I so sorry to hear it hasn’t worked for you. I’ve had about 8-9 Fixes and have really loved it.

      • AliceL says:

        That’s great. Trying to throw a different voice in the mix. You fit their trends much better than I do. They also had serious issues with my body type. It is hard to fit such a severe hour glass.

    • Michelle says:

      Alice, I agree with you. I just got my first box and didn’t keep anything. It’s like they completely ignored my profile and it wasn’t anything close to having a personal stylist. Not only did they ignore my style profile, but they sent me things more expensive than I said I wanted! And they still keep the $20 styling fee .

  5. Barbara C says:

    These clothes all look great on you. I also share the one pose repertoire but you rocked it. My first Stitch Fix comes next week. My expectations are low because I didn’t link to my Pinterest board, but my hopes are high. Almost ever posting I read says they loved their 2nd and later boxes because the stylist really listened to their feedback. I gave oodles of notes when signing up too, which I hope will help. I have ZERO style sense so regardless of what certain other responders have posted, I think this is a fabulous service. I am stuck in the 80’s. Can’t wait to come into the 21st century. Enjoy those new pieces; they are darling!

    • That’s so exciting Barbara and can I say welcome to the 21st? 😉 Thank you for appreciating the one post – I tried hard! And please share how your first Fix goes. Hope they pick some amazing clothes and accessories for you the first go round!

    • AliceL says:

      My second box wasn’t much better. I set up a Pinterest board after they requested more feedback. The stylist did find me a dress that matched what I said my style was in box 2. But the other four items were all more like the stuff they send everyone else and looked like they came from Macy’s. They were never able to get me a professional top like I asked. If you like the clothes posted here, then this is a good service for you. They don’t really offer much variety from what I can tell. And boy do they love horizontal stripes.

  6. Lizzie Aline says:

    I got my first stitchfix and nothing in it was anything like what I put on my pinterest page. I have spent the last hour reading people’s reviews of stitchfix and have come to the conclusion that they just throw whatever they have on hand in a box and are not personal shoppers at all. I pay a lot of money for clothing. But I’m not paying $70 dollars for a cheap poly-crepe blouse that looks like it came off the sales rack at Macy’s. I am so disappointed because I thought it would be fun. It’s all going back.

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