Styling a modern glam sofa

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m joining up with some of our blog friends to share our favorite sofas and tips for making them look beautiful.

Styling a modern glam sofa //

I’ve had my eye on a green velvet sofa for years and I finally pulled the trigger not once but twice on this green velvet beauty from Article that I used in last fall’s One Room Challenge.

Styling a modern glam sofa //

There are so many good affordable options when it comes to green sofas but finally the lines, the price and the return policy won me over on the Sven. I love everything about this sofa and today I’m going to share my steps for styling a modern glam sofa!

Styling a modern glam sofa //

My goal in this room makeover was to create a sleek, modern and elegant room that could still take the abuse of three messy kids and a big shaggy dog. To me, the most standout part of this room was the two green velvet couches. Usually if you were to come into our house you’re gonna find the throw pillows aren’t perfect and there’s toys strewn all about but the simple style in here makes getting it back to the good place easy enough.

Styling a modern glam sofa //

So what went into styling the sofas to get my look?

Styling a modern glam sofa //

1. A colorful contrasting throw: always handy for wrapping up in front of the tv but also good for adding an extra pop of color and for giving your sofa a little extra interest. This blue and white throw is so versatile!

2. Coffee table: Although the coffee table isn’t technically part of the sofa styling equation I see it as all flowing together to give the sofas not only their look but also adding to their utility. What’s the point in a coffee table if you have to get up each time you want your coffee. And more likely at least in my case, the wine. A good coffee table/sofa arrangement’s got to be close enough to one another to reach the goods and be near enough to the other seating in the room as to not be awkward.

3. Throw pillows: One of those questions for the ages – how many throw pillows is optimal? Much of the time I love a goodly number of throw pillows but here again I was looking to achieve a more elegant pared down room and that meant minimal pillows. Throw pillows make for an excellent opportunity to bring in texture, pattern and color. I kept things simple with two cream sheepskin pillows and one Les Touches in Blue pillow for the pattern element and more contrasting like the throw.

4. Art: The simply elegant Minted gold frame Misty Hughes artwork continues the modern feel of the room but most importantly here, anchors the sofas. Without those paintings the sofa would have felt untethered and just floating around the room. (I love with Minted that you can now customize the frames and matting!)

5. Side tables: They’re just as important as the coffee table. Again you want them easily accessible from the sofa. The rule of thumb is that a side table should be just 2″ lower than the arms of a sofa. As you can see in the photo above – I am a rule breaker. Right now I think most rules in design are made for breaking. Sometimes you’ve gotta choose between the right height and the right style. Style is always gonna win in my book.

6. Light: You just don’t have the full package until you’ve got good lighting. Overhead lighting can add some amazing drama to a room but it’s just not that pleasant to read by. A sofa just isn’t properly styled until it has the right task lighting.

Hope you like my six simple tips for styling a modern glam sofa! A big thank you to Julie from Redhead Can Decorate for hosting this blog hop. Be sure to check out her tips and those of all the lovely ladies on the tour!

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9 Responses to Styling a modern glam sofa

  1. Tricia these sofas are so dreamy, like I dream about having them one day dreamy. I have always loved green velvet sofas and two of them??? Get out! In love!!!! Great tips too!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and inviting. I am a sucker for green and these couches have me heart!

  3. great tips, my friend! and boy do i have all the heart eyes for that green beauty!

  4. Amanda says:

    Love the room! Can you tell me where the leather chairs are from?

  5. Dianne says:

    I love the chairs, where did you get them?

  6. Charlotte says:

    I’ve looked at your one room challenge so many times, it’s just perfect! I was wondering are these the “grass green” couches? On the article website they look a bit lighter than in your pics. Do they look darker in person (like in your photos) than they do on the article site in your opinion?

    • It’s hard to say. I think it depends on how the light is hitting them. They might be slightly darker than the images on Article. I’m really happy with the color. Most of the other green velvet sofas I looked at the color seemed a little too dark or a little too bright. These were just what I was looking for. Good luck on your decision! 🙂

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