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A Year of Change Challenge {March project}

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Do you ever get so overwhelmed by the idea of decorating a room that you end up doing absolutely nothing?  The walls stay that ugly color.  The boob light stays on the ceiling and you never actually figure out if you want a roman shade or panels. Erin and I have both been there.  Maybe you remember Erin’s reveal of her upstairs bonus room that is basically a couch in a room?  Oh, and wait until I reveal my guest room next month for the One Room Challenge.  You’ll get to see what a mishmash of undone that room is.  Maybe we’d have more people come to stay with us if I actually did something in that room! Erin and our friend Amy of Commona-My House were chatting at Alt Summit about design inertia and how sometimes, if you just tackle one little project in a room, you can get …

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