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One Room Challenge Tween Queen Bedroom and Bath {Week 3}

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For all of you rolling out of bed right now, let me tell you it’s Wednesday. Which means it’s time to check in on the One Room Challenge! And this week is Week 3, which I’ll do the math for you is the half-way point of the 6 week challenge!!! And whew, those three weeks have flown by!!! But there has been so much progress in my daughter’s bedroom and bathroom that unless a total catastrophe happens I should be able to complete the room ahead of schedule. So if anyone is doing the One Room Challenge and needs help (and lives in a warm, tropical location) you can fly me in and I’ll come paint walls or sew pillows for you. But that’s about where my handy skills end. Ok, let’s talk about some of the fabulous items that have arrived on my doorstep the past couple of weeks. …

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Give me 6 weeks, and let’s see what happens!

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I’m so excited to be back on the blog today sharing some great news! We’ve been taking a little hiatus from the blog and I’ve missed all of you. But I’m back here today to let you know that we are taking part in the One Room Challenge again this round as an invited designer! Quick recap- the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home gives us 6 weeks to make over a room and we’ll blog about our progress and challenges each of those 6 weeks. It’s such an amazing event that brings an abundance of design inspiration and camaraderie among the home blogging world. And I can’t wait to take on the challenge again- but you’ll have to wait until next week to find out what room I’m taking on for the One Room Challenge! Tricia and I feel almost like senior students in the college of …

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Big News in the House Fall 2016 ORC

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Yep, there’s big news in the house! About a month ago Erin texted me as I was rushing out the door for the school run to ask if I saw “the” email. Forget making it to school on time -that one little email that was about to totally change my fall. By the second line of the email I was screaming out loud and completely freaking my kids out (they thought I’d hurt myself again;they know what a complete & utter klutz their mother). No, Erin and I weren’t notified that we’d won the lottery. No we weren’t just invited to meet the queen or go to a movie premier. And no we didn’t inherit a million dollars from a long-lost super rich newly deceased uncle. All the same what was in that email was as exciting as any of those other could be! So what was in the subject line? Only the three most beautiful words …

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2016 Design Resolutions {Tricia’s Goals}

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  Happy New Years just a little late! Like always I can’t really adjust to the idea that it’s a new year and I should be resolving to make it a better year until all my little darlings have returned to school after that long, long Christmas break. That’ll happen tomorrow. I resolve to resolve on the personal goals then. With a girls’ weekend in Palm Springs coming up in less than a month (crazy excited for this!) I can say that 1) stop eating everything in sight, 2) stop drinking my face off and 3) start working out like crazy will all make the list. But for now I’m setting my design resolutions for 2016. Even though I’m not quite sure how I’m going to be a better me this year (yet) I do know what I have in mind to make my house a better abode. But first how about …

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ORC {the details} & new blog discoveries

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As promised I’m back with all the details and sources for my chinoiserie kids bathroom! First up is the biggest and bestest – the wallpaper. I knew I wanted something bright and fun for the bath. When I found this Meg Braff Up a Tree Bamboo on Green I fell hook, line and sinker. I don’t think this room would have been half as fun without that paper. Even when it was just the wallpaper up and I kept going in the bathroom to stare at it I knew I’d made the right choice. I almost didn’t change the faucets out because I didn’t want to freak out the husband. Somehow new faucets kind of makes him lose his mind – like it puts a project over the top. I got over the freaked out husband fear with these sub $100 fixtures. I really love the lines of these faucets with the …

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