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One Room Challenge Tween Queen Bedroom and Bath {Week 3}

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For all of you rolling out of bed right now, let me tell you it’s Wednesday. Which means it’s time to check in on the One Room Challenge! And this week is Week 3, which I’ll do the math for you is the half-way point of the 6 week challenge!!! And whew, those three weeks have flown by!!! But there has been so much progress in my daughter’s bedroom and bathroom that unless a total catastrophe happens I should be able to complete the room ahead of schedule. So if anyone is doing the One Room Challenge and needs help (and lives in a warm, tropical location) you can fly me in and I’ll come paint walls or sew pillows for you. But that’s about where my handy skills end. Ok, let’s talk about some of the fabulous items that have arrived on my doorstep the past couple of weeks. …

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My Valentine’s Day Secret

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When it comes to school Valentine’s Day cards for kids there’s always been two routes you could take: 1) the crafty maven or 2) the mom who goes for quick and easy with with big box of Superhero cards. There was really no in between. For several years I tried to get all crazy crafty and create insanely time-consuming Valentine’s cards. They were definitely cute but I came to dread Valentine’s Day and came to hate making the 60+ cards I needed to cover both kids. Then last year Erin and I made a discovery – Minted has the coolest personalized Classroom Valentines cards ever! They even have gold foil printing! How could I resist? My daughter went for the Bold XOXO card and we used an image from our Christmas card shoot with Rachel Olsen Photography. What says Valentine’s Day more than a pink furry vest? I wanted to keep …

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Raise your glass and write {with a limonata vodka}

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Yesterday was our first real day of summer around here where we had a chance to step into a new routine. As I mentioned earlier, it’s also our first real summer with unscheduled kids and little travel.  To keep myself from going cray-cray over the coming months I want to be intentional in how I/we spend our summer days.  I plan, by the end of the week, to have a summer manifesto in place like my friend Ali Edwards.  Usually I write a list of things we want to do, post it somewhere and instantly forget about it.  This year I say GAME ON! We are going to make this summer count if it kills us! First up on my list was reach out and touch someone – without technology.  I was always a very dedicated letter writer. As an Army brat the only way I was ever going to …

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Adorn your walls {Minted art}

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Have you guys checked out all the gorgeous artwork on Minted? I love that they’re created by independent artists and are limited editions (meaning you’re putting money in the pocket of an artist when you make a purchase and not everyone in the world is going to have the same prints as you). I love this one- and this one- and this one- and this one- and oh, about 100 more. Imagine if you could spend $1000 on all minted’s beautiful prints?  How dreamy would that be? Guess what… Erin and I got to find out what that’s like because we won a $1000 minted. gift certificate! Woo hoo! Alt Summit brought a lot of goodness our way but winning minted’s business card drawing was definitely at the top of the list of our list. It couldn’t have come at a better time, for me at least, as my poor little …

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Valentine’s Day at our homes

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  Happy Valentine’s Day — sending love and  X and O’s to all our readers! Are you ready for the big day?  I did a great job buying cards for all those I should send them to and they are still sitting on my counter waiting to be sent.  With Minted’s help I’ve done a better with my kids’ school valentines. This is my daughter’s card. We added a little heart doily, a felt heart, a pompom and tied it all up with a bit of bakery twine.  Instead of writing out each child’s name we used stickers to add their initials — pink for girls and black for boys.   My son didn’t want his cards to be frilly.  He’s in 5th grade and it is hard to find valentine’s cards that aren’t too cutesy and the right amount of cool for 10 and 11 year olds.  Minted came …

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