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One Room Challenge Tween Queen Bedroom and Bath {Week 3}

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For all of you rolling out of bed right now, let me tell you it’s Wednesday. Which means it’s time to check in on the One Room Challenge! And this week is Week 3, which I’ll do the math for you is the half-way point of the 6 week challenge!!! And whew, those three weeks have flown by!!! But there has been so much progress in my daughter’s bedroom and bathroom that unless a total catastrophe happens I should be able to complete the room ahead of schedule. So if anyone is doing the One Room Challenge and needs help (and lives in a warm, tropical location) you can fly me in and I’ll come paint walls or sew pillows for you. But that’s about where my handy skills end. Ok, let’s talk about some of the fabulous items that have arrived on my doorstep the past couple of weeks. …

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I’m dreaming of a white bedroom

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Perhaps its the whole Christmas in July that has me thinking about new lyrics to “I’m Dreaming of White Christmas”. Or it could be all the fault of Pinterest and its heavenly pictures. Whatever it is, I can’t help but think that my bedroom isn’t living up to its full potential because of the lack of white walls in the space. Funny that so many people complain about the all white walls you often come across when buying a brand new house, but those builders in their attempts to cut costs are on to something. White walls are popping up everywhere as they provide the blank canvas needed to layer colors and textures upon in a room. Done wrong and white walls lead to a stark, cold space. Done right they lead to dreamy, light filled rooms that make you feel like you’ve taken just the right amount of tranquilizers …

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