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Its been a whole week since the One Room Challenge has ended and during that time I have taken full advantage of my new laundry room. I’ve done loads of laundry, even going so far as washing everyone’s sheets! Crazy what liking your laundry room will do to a person! It has also taken me almost a week to go through and look at all the amazing rooms that were transformed during this 6 week period. Today I wanted to share 10 rooms that were my favorite transformations from this round of the One Room Challenge.

1. The Design Daredevil 

You guys really have to go check this one out. The before pictures of the bedroom will make you swear that this room CANNOT be the same space. Too many good details to list but that light fixture and those black walls- gah!!!!!

2. The Design Manifest

A kitchen makeover in 6 weeks? Yeah, somehow Naomi pulls it off (with the help of her father) and creates a truly incredible space. From the custom hood over the range to those barstools- this kitchen looks as if it was planned down to every small detail!

3. Design Dump

C’mon- how cute is this room? And Autumn was brave and smart enough to know that peach and mustard yellow can co-exist! I’m so impressed with this color combination and can’t wait to see how others incorporate it into their rooms!

4. Krystine Edwards Design

Krystine is the cutest lady living in Charleston that I think you can find. And I imagine that her boy is super cute and probably wears a bow tie with seersucker, which would make my heart melt. You might remember Krystine from being our guest designer on last month’s Year of Change Challenge with Tonic Living? And she again knocks it out of the park with her son’s bedroom shown here.

5. Inspiring Hearts and Homes

Pretty much if you put a dark wall in your room for the One Room Challenge then you ended up on my favorites list. And then if you put an awesome gold chandelier in your room too- well now you’re speaking my language!

6. Aquahaus

I don’t even know Celine but I think I am on the verge of receiving a restraining order from her. She just seems so damn cool and I really want to hang out with her, preferably on this amazing rooftop deck! She even incorporated army cots into the design, to which I replied that she might find me passed out on a cot one night. Seriously, why don’t strangers want to be my friend???

7. A Prudent Life

Why shouldn’t all of our pantries look this good? Penny tile up to the ceiling and gold handles on the cabinets- so good! But the best part is that her husband drew that graphic on the chalkboard wall!!

8. Holtwood Hipster

Erin of Holtwood Hipster had me at the dark wall. Then she threw on top a DIY leather headboard and burl wood nightstands. And her husband even gave up his ceiling fan for that awesome gold light fixture. Clearly Erin is winning in the bedroom!

9. Manor Blog

This room should be titled “How to do a superhero room while not sacrificing on design”. Beth transformed her son’s enchanted forest room into a Batman and Robin themed room. And the best thing is that you can’t even tell that it is a Batman and Robin room! This boy is gonna be loving cranking the electric guitar inside of his teepee!

10. Simple Details

In this room for me it was all about those nightstand chests! They were a Craig’s List score and man she is one lucky lady! I love that most of the items in her room were from a second-hand source making this makeover super economical.

There are lots more beautiful spaces that you should check out here and here! It truly is amazing what people accomplish in 6 weeks! Now if I could just transform my body in that amount of time…..






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5 Responses to Ten for Thursday {ORC rooms}

  1. Can you please anymore sweeter!?!? You just made my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! xoxox

  2. You really are the coolest! It means so much that you incorporated my room into your round up…really, thank you Erin! I also appreciate the vote of confidence in that last line! I may have even blushed. xx!

  3. Ditto. So fun to see all the press that everyone is getting, and so well deserved. It’s also nice to read that you love doing laundry. I think my family would love for me to feel that way.

  4. Beth says:

    First of all, what gorgeous rooms you picked for your top ten. We are pinching ourselves that Lawdog’s room made the list. You guys are freakin’ awesome. xoxo

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