The other tween’s room gets a refresh

Have you been following along with Erin’s One Room Challenge and the tween queen bedroom she’s creating for her daughter? I’ve been promising the tween girl in my house for months now (ok, probably more like over a year) that I’d give her bedroom a refresh too. The inability though to find one clear inch of carpet that isn’t totally covered with dirty clothes, stuffed animals or candy wrappers (there is a “no food in the bedroom rule” that is liberally disregarded by my children) left me totally uninspired about taking on her room.

This is what Alice’s room looked like two years ago, the last time I gave her space a facelift.

The other tween's room & Tempaper

Definitely sweet but… in the intervening two years she’s destroyed the duvet, chipped up the bed and every couple of months she has the carpet looking like it’s never ever been cleaned. Even though it had only been a couple years, the room was prime for a refresh.

Tempaper has a beautiful selection of temporary self-adhesive wallpapers and it was hard to narrow the choice down to just one. In the end Alice & I both fell in love with the Spatter Gold on White for her room.

I like the understated pattern of the paper and Alice liked the gold. We both like how easy it’ll be to remove one day when her room needs another update – unlike the scrapbook paper wallpaper fiasco from a few years ago. I don’t ever want to repeat that! That would be the other beautiful thing about removable wallpaper!

The other tween's room & Tempaper

And this is the after of Alice’s bedroom – clean, fresh and bright. We both love how it turned out!

The other tween's room & Tempaper

After getting the wallpaper up I worked my tail off to get everything else done in one day (including three coats of paint on the bed). Alice was absolutely shocked when she came home from school and saw the transformation! She likes it so much she’s even swearing she’ll keep her room picked up and stop eating candy up here. The next morning she did actually make her bed unprompted so maybe there’s hope… The Gold Spatter wallpaper gives the room the room a perfect touch of whimsy while it’s subtlety also lends the room an air of sophistication – the perfect combination for a girl on the cusp of teen-hood.

The other tween's room & Tempaper

We were trying to move away from pink in her room – like Erin’s daughter she is over the pink – although Alice’s mama isn’t quite as nice as Erin and wasn’t willing to remove all the pink right now. The one wall of temporary wallpaper seemed like a great place to start with switching up the room and we can build on that.

The other tween's room & Tempaper

We had this picture of Alice’s dog Henry that we wanted to play center stage in the room and didn’t want a wallpaper pattern that would distract from it. I love the subtle play of the spatter behind the acrylic frame. Isn’t it perfect?

The other tween's room & Tempaper

I kept all the other elements in the room low-key and mostly gold to play up the wallpaper and to create a calm oasis for Alice.

The other tween's room & Tempaper

As I’m sure we agree the middle school years are just all around hard. I wanted to do whatever I could to give my daughter a calm space where she can feel safe and happy. I think this transformation will be just that for her. And maybe, just maybe, the beauty of the wallpaper and the room will encourage her to pick up and help her mom stay calm and peaceful too!


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3 Responses to The other tween’s room gets a refresh

  1. that picture of henry is plain awesome! i love this space and the paper is subtle fabulousness at its best!

  2. Mom says:

    Love ❤️ the wallpaper and did Henry like his crown of flowers. Surprised that he would allow it. The room is adorable!!!

  3. You’re right, the wallpaper looks great behind the acrylic frame (and now I want one too!).

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