Thursday Ten {houseplants}

Do you guys ever feel like the air in your house needs to be purified? Given that I have three kids and one who still likes to poop in anything but a toilet, I’m always feeling that fresh air is needed in my house. Houseplants are a great way to infuse fresh oxygen into your house, but let’s be real, I’ve never even considered this benefit of a plant when filling my house up with leafy green things. I just like plants for bringing natural texture to a room and filling up pretty vases to sit on things. Taller plants are also a great way to bring height to a room and break up the lines of a space. I don’t claim to have a green thumb and keeping plants alive is certainly a trial and error process for me. I’ve found that watering once a week is the right schedule to keep everyone happy and hydrated and fertilizing plants with a slow-release formulation each season. I like Osmocote Indoor and Outdoor Plant Fertilizer. Today I’ve rounded up 10 houseplants that are pretty easy to keep alive. The exception would be the fiddle leaf fig, which is finicky, but it’s too good to not give it a try in your house. I just got a super tall one at my nursery when houseplants were 40% off and I’m doing my best to keep it alive. So far, so good but we’ll see if it lasts through the winter.

Houseplants that are easy to care for // Suburban Bitches




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