A Year of Change {August – book shelf styling}

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It’s that time of the month again – for the Year of Change Challenge reveal! This round we challenged ourselves to styling up some book shelves. This project actually scared the crap out of me. I am not a styler of bookshelves. Something about shelves always seems so difficult and just plain off when I try to do it. But, hey, I’m always up for a challenge! This month we’re playing with our usual crew: Rosa Beltran Designs, Life on Virginia Street and Commona My House. And as our very special guest we have Jade from Jade O’Connor Designs – she has mad book shelf styling skills!

{Tricia’s shelves}

My living room area had this unfortunate space that I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. It really disrupted my vision for the room. It need something but I couldn’t figure out what that something was. Then along came this month’s challenge and I realized maybe shelves would work in the gap area. I wanted a gorgeous shaped set of chinoiserie gilded shelves but that wasn’t in the cards with a penny pinching hubby so instead it was ikea to the rescue! Amy of Commona My House and I have some uncanny similarities in background and in design taste. What do you know – our separated at birth tendencies showed up again today! We both bought Ikea shelves and sprayed them gold. My Midias touch was a bit out of whack because it took me at least 6 coats of the gold after two coats of primer to get them looking decent. This is the spray project that made me love the Amy Howard at Home Furniture Lacquer even more than I normally would have.

I finally have these shelves out of my garage and assembled! Woo hoo! (My garage floor is looking a little golden too.)

book shelf styling - Suburban Bitches

The shelves and the potted plant filled up that awkward space in my living room perfectly and for the first time in the four years that we’ve lived in this house the room actually feels right to me. I’ve still got a few more little changes to make in the space so I’ll be back soon with photos of the entire room. Today’s pictures are just little snippets of the room.

book shelf styling - Suburban Bitches

I love the play of the gold with the silver mirror and other metals I have in the room. I continued the metal on metal look with the mid-century silver ice bucket and other small silver objects on the shelves themselves. I also incorporated some gold containers as well.

book shelf styling - Suburban Bitches

I have so many decorative objects around my house that I set myself the goal of not buying anything new for this project beyond the shelves and new plants. All my found objects came together in this space and worked in this space.

book shelf styling - Suburban Bitches

Plus now my little objet d’art have homes and are out in the open. I used coral pieces that I had around the house to bring some unity to the shelves. I found the coral bookends at Target several years ago and the coral mounted on acrylic at Home Goods over the summer. The rest of the coral are pieces my father-in-law found while on R&R during the Vietnam War.

I constantly refer back to my House Beautiful magazines and giving that collection a home was part of my plan from the moment I started thinking about this project. Now they’re easily accessible and look like an art statement.

book shelf styling - Suburban Bitches

The face to the left is Daum crystal from a friend when I lived in Paris. I’ve been trying to find him a home forever and I think he works nicely here. As for the succulents we’ll see just how long I can keep those  alive. Someone just told me the secret is to mist them instead of watering them. I’ll willing to try anything!

book shelf styling - Suburban Bitches

I painted the books gold for another project a while ago. I just discovered the backward facing book look and I like having just a hint of the cover visible.

My favorite little photo bomber wanted in on the action and as he matched the greenery of the background so well I let him in.

book shelf styling - Suburban Bitches

Overall, I have to say I’m pleased with my attempt at book shelf styling and shopping my own home. We’d love to see how you style your own shelves!

And please, please, please vote for Erin’s amazing project so you can win it!!!

{Erin’s shelves}

Guys, I suck at styling bookshelves. Really, really suck. So I apologize for my project this month. It’s really not by best work at all. For the August challenge I decided to do what I could with my poor bookshelf styling skills and work on some shelves hanging out in my office. I have two of these Pottery Barn leaning shelves in my office and while it would be great if they could just have pretty things like jewels and animal skulls hanging out on them, they do actually need to hold functional things like a printer, wireless router, and office supplies. Here is my attempt at making pretty shelves that actually hold a bunch of office-type crap:

Styling shelves for a home office // suburban bitches Styling shelves for a home office // suburban bitches-5 Styling shelves for a home office // suburban bitches-4 Styling shelves for a home office // suburban bitches-3 Ikea boxes painted with stripes and gold // suburban bitches Styling shelves for a home office // suburban bitches   Here are my tips for what I did with my shelves:

  • I tried to keep some symmetry between the two sets of shelves, like keeping the shelf with the boxes set up the same on both the right and the left side shelf.
  • Those striped boxes are actually just these IKEA boxes which I spray painted white stripes onto and then used liquid gold leaf on the silver metal hardware. Easy way to make them a little more pretty.
  • I picked up these gold magazine racks from Target. Some day I’ll get around to labeling what magazines are in there but for now they hold Better Homes and Garden, Runner’s World, and the extensive set of Restoration Hardware catalogs that arrived on my doorstep a few months ago.
  • Mix up your books. Put some upright and also some laying on their sides.

I mean really, I have no clue what I’m doing here but that’s why we partner with the best. Head on over to see how Life on Virginia Street, Commona My House, Rosa Beltran Design, and Jade O’Conner Design styled their shelves this month. Jade even came up with a cute little ditty to sing while styling your shelves (on her instagram feed jadeoconnordesigns).

3suburbanbitchesblogartworkfinal copy

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