Year of Change {June Reveal}

Summer is officially here and just like all good things, June is coming to an end. And with the last Friday of this month comes the reveal of our June Year of Change Challenge! This month we teamed up with Lamps Plus to bring some new lighting into our homes. And since this is a “challenge” we went outside of our comfort zone and incorporated swag-style lighting into our rooms. Personally this challenge was hard for me to wrap my head around at first as I couldn’t think of where I would put a swag light in my house. But then the lights arrived and I was pretty excited at all the possibilities of where to hang these. Since the lights can either plug into the wall or use a converter kit to hang from an electrical box, there are so many ways that you can use them.

{Erin’s lights}

First up, I ordered this light to hang in a little reading nook in my youngest son’s bedroom. He likes to have a light on at night and now instead of having the big overhead ceiling light on, we can turn on this swag light in the corner. Installation was a breeze- two hooks installed into the ceiling and I was done. And some before and after’s:

Light storyboard






boys bedroom | Suburban Bitches

I also ordered a rattan swag light from Lamps Plus (no longer available, but similar to this). And this is the room where I decided to put the light:

living room with gray sectional | Suburban Bitches

That is my basement and at night it’s dark but we don’t like to turn on the overhead lights when we are watching the big ass tv down there. So ambient lighting was needed. And the swag light was the perfect solution for lighting in the corner of the room since no lamp could fit between the sectional and the wall.  Again I just used two hooks in the ceiling to hang the light from and this brass adaptor which converts any shade into a hanging light.

swag light over sectional | Suburban Bitches


sectional with swag light and gallery wall | Suburban Bitches


rattan swag light from Lamps Plus | Suburban Bitches


{Tricia’s lights}

As I mentioned in our introduction to this month’s challenge my forward momentum on decorating our condo came to a screeching halt a year ago this spring. I had painter’s tape up on one wall for over a year. Then along came this month’s lighting challenge with Lamps Plus and I decided to use this as an opportunity to get going again on the condo. As is so often the case with me and decorating, once I got started on one little project my mojo was back! Finally doing something about the lighting also got me to paint the bathroom (and even removed that painter’s tape which came off surprisingly easily after a year plus) and I even did a little decorating in the bedroom.  Hey – I even took the mirror I purchased in Nov 2012 out of the box!  Pathetic, huh?

I chose the Luxe Tile Giclee Shade for the lighting in the condo bedroom –

luxe tile glicee shade - Lamps Plus


And I paired them with this swag adaptor

plug-in shade swag adaptor - Lamps Plus



Ok, and let me put this out there right now: these were super easy to use. Erin makes fun of me because she says I’m the most non “do-it-yourselfer” DIY’er ever (why do things myself when I can make my husband do them is my theory). But with these swag adaptors I really was a DIY’er; they were so simple to use!

This is what the condo bedroom looked like before Lamps Plus got me out of my condo decorating rut-

headboard made with reclaimed barn wood tiles /


And this is what it looks like now with the shaded swag pendants.



Lamp Plus shaded swag and reclaimed barn wood DIY headboard //


Lamp Plus shaded swag and reclaimed barn wood DIY headboard //


Lamp Plus shaded swag and reclaimed barn wood DIY headboard //


Lamp Plus shaded swag and reclaimed barn wood DIY headboard //


Lamp Plus shaded swag and reclaimed barn wood DIY headboard //


condo bedroom //


condo bedroom //

It’s gone from a very utilitarian place to sleep to a place I want to lounge in and enjoy. It all happened because I got inspired by new lighting. The other beautiful thing about this room is that I shopped the condo and our house for almost everything. I set myself a $100 budget for anything else I needed and I stayed below it. The swags really inspired me to get moving on this room.  I still need to hang the mirror, get new curtains (can you believe I don’t find the peach honeycomb blinds stylish???), and maybe find a little more artwork but then this room will finally be done.

And if you are interested in the other items in the room: the headboard was a DIY (done with my husband’s help) and you can find the tutorial here.  The pouf, bedside mirrors, nightstands and vase are from Target. The dresser is vintage as are the brass pot and the clock. The frames are Pottery Barn, the plant basket is Bed, Bath & Beyond (wastepaper basket actually), the owl lamp is West Elm, the mirror is Crate and Barrel, the sheepskin rugs are etsy, the buddha head is Home Goods and I have no idea where I picked up the ampersand.

Thanks Lamps Plus for the inspiration!

Be sure to check out how Abby, Rosa and Sarah used Lamps Plus shaded swags to transform their rooms! And a big thank you to Lamps Plus!


And a very big thank you to Lamps Plus for all our gorgeous lighting and to Abby for joining A Year of Change challenge as our guest blogger this month!


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  1. Lisa says:

    Wow! You ladies are so talented! I find your posts very inspiring!

  2. Elaine says:

    To dress up
    your swag lamp a bit, take a piece of favorite fabric, some velcro, and sew a cord cover!

  3. LOVE all of these- looks so good!! Nice work!

  4. sherry hart says:

    Home run….all of them! Loving the one with the basket!

  5. Love all of your lights here ladies! It is so fun to see how different each and every project was using the same base kits!