A Year of Change Challenge {March reveal}


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Tricia and I are so excited to reveal the fruits of our labor for the first month of the Year of Change challenge! If you have no idea what this Year of Change challenge that we are speaking of is, you can read all about it here. But to give you the quick gist, the Suburban Bitches along with Commona My House, Life on Virginia Street , and Rosa Beltran Design have created this year long project to help ourselves, and our readers, tackle small projects that produce a big impact in their homes. Think of it as a new color and hair cut for your house- little things that take years off your look :). Our first month of the challenge was this past March and the challenge for the month was to stencil something, anything, and the lovely people at Cutting Edge Stencils were kind enough to provide all of us with stencils to use for the project. I chose the Beads Allover stencil and knew just the spot for this pattern. Remember that blank wall that I showed on Wednesday where I hung the DIY marquee lights spelling out lounge? I thought that the midcentury vibe of this stencil would be the perfect compliment to the loungey feel I’m going for in this area of my basement. As for the colors I chose, the walls are Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and for the beads color I just went into my never ending paint supply and picked up some leftover Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore. Also, I learned a pretty important lesson with this stencil. Since the stencil pattern was composed of vertical lines, having the stencil be completely level was really important otherwise the lines started to meander and it was really obvious. I used a stencil level to help keep things straight and I also found that once I used the level there was a lot less bleed through under the stencil. Why, I don’t know, but hey it worked!



I am loving the look this stencil gave to this little nook of our basement! Overall I would give this stencil a B in terms of ease of use. There wasn’t a lot of bleed through and as long as a level is used lining up the pattern wasn’t too bad. I think I would recommend this for the first-time stencilers out there.

{Tricia’s stencil project}

I chose the leopard skin stencil for my project. My big problem was choosing where to use my stencil. I stenciled a canvas to use in our condo – but I couldn’t get down there enough to figure out an art gallery wall to incorporate the canvas into.  So I thought I’d do a wall in a kid’s bathroom.  Sadly the stencil wasn’t the right vibe for the room so I was back to the drawing board.  On Sunday night I still didn’t have a project when true inspiration finally struck – turn my not so big closet into a total girly girl sanctuary in blush pink.

Tricia's Closet-15-2

I love how it turned out so much that if you’re looking for me for the next few days you’ll find me sitting on the floor of my closet admire my handiwork!

The pink paint is Benjamin Moore Precocious – a totally random pick as I had planned to go with a blog recommendation for blush pink when I saw a paint chip for this color sitting at the paint counter. It was exactly when I’d been looking for. And of course what’s a project without a golden touch?  The gold paint is Martha Stewart’s Golden Pearl metallic paint.

Tricia's Closet-13-2

The combination of the two colors was precisely what I had envisioned.  I love the elegant yet cozy feeling they lend to what was a very plain jane cream colored closet.

Tricia's Closet-15-2

I’m going to rate this stencil an A. At first glance it might seem like it would be a little tough because of all the small areas yet because it’s simply spots it was very forgiving.  If you look closely you can definitely see I’ve made some mistakes. The small dense pattern helps to hide any issues.

Tricia's Closet-8-2

In the really tough to reach areas like the corner above the shelf, I didn’t use the stencil but instead merely mimicked it by creating my own spots with the stencil brush.  It worked like a charm.

Tricia's Closet-11-2

I finished the wall off with a sunburst mirror from Lowe’s.

Tricia's Closet-23-2

and a World Market jute rug.

Tricia's Closet-16-2

Thanks to Jennifer from Sugar Photography my stencil project really shines! She came over and took these gorgeous pictures as I was at a complete lost as to how to make this small dark space show up well.  Thank you Jennifer!!

Since our initial Year of Change Challenge we’ve kept the change coming in our homes. Here’s links to all our other projects for your viewing pleasure.

Be sure to head over to  Commona My HouseLife on Virginia Street , and Rosa Beltran Design  to see what those ladies did for their stencil challenge this month! Did any of our readers attempt a stencil project this month? If you did send us your pictures- we’d love to see your work! We hope that each month our readers take the challenge with us and try their hand at some of our small changes to bring maximum wow to a room. Remember- it’s only fun if we all play along!! And if you’d like to try your hand at stenciling here’s your chance – Cutting Edge Stencil is very generously giving away a stencil to one of our readers. Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win the stencil of your choice.  The drawing closes on April 5th at midnight.

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7 Responses to A Year of Change Challenge {March reveal}

  1. Sarah says:

    You both did such an amazing job. The patterns you selected are both perfect in each of your spaces!

  2. Cathy says:

    I don’t know which project I like better… both are so fun and spot on and both stencils are patterns i too would choose! Nice job ladies and what a fun series, I’ll definitely be following along.

  3. the both look incredible! I don’t think I have the patience but you are making me rethink trying!

  4. amy says:

    LOVE how both of your projects turned out! SO much fun to see the patterns and how they express so much personality!So excited to be a part of this awesome challenge! Can’t wait to see what everyone has up their sleeves next month! XO!

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