A Year of Change Challenge {March project}

Do you ever get so overwhelmed by the idea of decorating a room that you end up doing absolutely nothing?  The walls stay that ugly color.  The boob light stays on the ceiling and you never actually figure out if you want a roman shade or panels.

Erin and I have both been there.  Maybe you remember Erin’s reveal of her upstairs bonus room that is basically a couch in a room?  Oh, and wait until I reveal my guest room next month for the One Room Challenge.  You’ll get to see what a mishmash of undone that room is.  Maybe we’d have more people come to stay with us if I actually did something in that room!

Erin and our friend Amy of Commona-My House were chatting at Alt Summit about design inertia and how sometimes, if you just tackle one little project in a room, you can get the ball rolling.  After a couple glasses of wine that notion began to take root and became the basis for a year-long project that could lead to total room transformation – the Year of Change.

3suburbanbitchesblogartworkfinal copy

designed by Kari Joy Hodgen

For the Year of Change project we have teamed up with the wonderful ladies behind Commona-My HouseLife on Virginia Street,  and Rosa Beltran Design and have come up with easy projects that can transform a room. Each month we will choose one of these projects and implement it into our own homes.  On the first Friday of each month Commona-My House, Life on Virginia Street, Rosa Beltran Design, Erin and I will present that month’s challenge. Then on the last Friday of the month we’ll reveal how we each took the project and made it our own. We’ve designed each challenge to be something that can be completed within a month and that’ll create noticeable change in your home. It’s all about taking small steps to make your home more your own without getting overwhelmed.  Do you have a room that really needs a revamp?  Choose that room for the challenge and by the end of the year it could have a whole new feel – without you ever getting stressed. Or, spread the love around and bring a little happiness to every room in your house. We hope that you join us each month and implement each challenge into a room of your own.

And now for this month’s challenge –  stenciling!  We’re very excited to be working with Cutting Edge Stencils as this month’s challenge sponsor. Erin and I are big fans of their company. You might remember some of our past projects using their products.

Erin used Cutting Edge Stencils to create a chevron wall

girls bedroom chevron stencil ~ suburban bitches

a gold stenciled wall in her office

office stencil project ~ suburban bitches

a delicate pattern in her powder room

powder-room stencil project ~ suburban bitches

and a wall of trees in her mud room.

mud room tree stencil ~ suburban bitches

I used a Cutting Edge stencil to breathe new life into my kitchen table.

table stencil project ~ suburban bitches

For the challenge Erin picked the Beads Allover stencil.


And I picked the Leopard Skin stencil.


Stenciling is one of those projects that people avoid because it sounds a little daunting.  Let me tell you – it’s not.  If you can paint a wall you can stencil it.  Plus, Cutting Edge Stencils has great video tutorials that will walk you through each step.  You can do it!  Check back with us on Friday March 28th to see how Amy, Rosa, Sarah, Erin and I add a little change to our homes with the help of Cutting Edge.

**** And the winner of Megan Silianoff’s book 99 Problems but a Baby ain’t One of Them is Katrina. Her answer to the question of what’s making her happy right now was “My 10 month old high fiving Dad.”  Congratulations Katrina!


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4 Responses to A Year of Change Challenge {March project}

  1. Rosa says:

    I’m excited to be a part of this design challenge project … can’t wait to see what fab stenciling goodness is sure to come!

    🙂 Rosa

  2. Katrina says:

    Whoo Hoo! I won, I cannot wait to receive the book! Thank You Ladies!